New York State’s Population Continues To Decline


NEW numbers from the U.S. Census show New York state’s population continued to decline last year.

According to figures released Thursday, the state’s total population dropped by more than 48,000 between July 1, 2017 and July 1, 2018, to a total of 19.5 million.

For many years, population declines in many upstate areas were offset by growth in and around New York City. This year, however, the Census Bureau reports the city’s population declined by nearly 40,000 over the one-year period after officials revised international immigration estimates.

New York is the nation’s fourth largest state by population after California, Texas and Florida.

Continued population declines could cost the state one or even two congressional seats when U.S. House seats are reapportioned following the 2020 census.



  1. No one among us is living here in NY because we want to. This state has become a haven for illegal alients, perverts, violent criminals and left wing trash.

  2. High taxes and an anti-business environment. New York is at a disadvantage competing with states that favor prosperity and economic growth. But not to worry, If the Democrats win in 2016, then the whole country will be like New York, so New York will be better able to compete.

  3. Just wait until all of the new tolls take effect. The population will indeed drop a lot more.

    By the way “akuperma”, you are slightly behind the times. It is now 2019.