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WATCH: Hannity and Tucker: Trump Has Been Totally Vindicated

Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson react to the release of the (redacted version) Mueller report which reveals no evidence of collusion or obstruction.

3 Responses

  1. So absolutely correct!! Now time for Democrats to reimburse the American Taxpayers for their salacious witch-hunt which they knew all along, had absolutely no merits!! & of-course lock up Hillary who has plenty collusion.

  2. So if someone plans to murder someone and doesn’t get to carry out the plan, he’s a fine upstanding citizen?? Not being convicted of a crime doesn’t prevent being an underhanded lowlife. The degenerate lying adulterer tried to obstruct justice and was prevented from it happening.

  3. rt, time to renew your prescriptions for Anti Trump Derangement Syndrome medications. BTW: ask your doctor to renew it until Jan of 2025.

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