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HATE IN NJ: See How The Democrat Mayor of Brick Responded to a Jew-Hater

A constituent tweeted at the Mayor of Brick Township, New Jersey about local parks and beaches being “invaded by the Hasidic and Orthodox Jews and being ruined”, on Tuesday Chol Hamoed Pesach.

Mayor John G. Ducey, a Democrat, responded about park security but makes no mention of the tweeter’s anti-Semitic tone.

“Our parks security has started already. Just call police with any problems and they will send them out”, he wrote.

The Twitter account that tweeted to the Mayor has since been deleted.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

19 Responses

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with what the mayor wrote. I thought he was saying it tongue in cheek as if to say call the police to send them out because we all know the police can’t send anyone out if they aren’t doing anything wrong.

  2. He really wasn’t hateful. And They probably were invading the beaches. It’s not hate. It’s an observation. Unfortunately, some of us dont behave in public.

  3. If the twitter comment had said that Brick parks were being “invaded by blacks” this dirty mayor would not have responded so cordially as he did when it was “the Jews” being described as invaders.

    But it doesn’t matter. The welfare recipient who posted the original twitter comment has disappeared.

  4. The best revenge is as more and more Jews continue to buy homes in Brick, thus turning Brick into a soon-to-be majority-Jew township and voting out the antisemites and voting in the Orthodox and Hasidic Jews of Brick.

  5. “…and they will send them out”
    Why did Mayor John G. Ducey not use more clear language like “…and they will send all trouble makers”?
    “them” obviously refers to “Hasidic and Orthodox Jews”.

    lakewhut – Hasidic and Orthodox Jews are also tax paying citizens of USA and NJ tax payers! They can’t be
    “invading the beaches”, they have same right to be there as anyone else in this state!!!
    Your comment is truly anti-Semitic!

  6. I am disappointed by some provocative words I saw here.

    We are in exile!

    We are to be grateful for this country as a whole, and local areas as well, for hosting us. We are not the boss here. We are to act with proper respect and humility, and not try to be Jewish versions of various agitators who are prominent in the media. We are to get our guidelines from Torah and Rabbonim, not from loud activists in the news.

  7. Lakewhut
    There was anti-semitism in the comment by the big kahuna (man who tweeted the mayor).
    He basically said Jews are not tax-paying citizens.

  8. Re….voting out antisemites,voting in orthodox and chassidic.

    No hisgarus b’umos here??
    Or only the State of Israel is subject to that along with shvuos and waiting in submission for Moshiach ?

  9. Simple misunderstanding. Tweet was meant to say call security if there is a problem and they will send the security officers on call out to the scene

  10. This is ridiculous. The mayor said nothing wrong. This nudnik complains of the all the Jews “invading” the parks, so he says “If they’re doing something wrong call the police; if they’re not then what’s the problem? Either way what do you want from me?”

  11. Re: 3 shvuos only apply to EY…

    I know that; just threw it in with the borscht… you get my point:
    Leshana Habah b’Brick Ihr Hakodesh.

  12. Once again I see a lot of sheltered commentators that seem to ignore the entire point.
    1) If this was the reaction to a certain other group and not Jews, he would have resigned and protests would have occured before this article was even published. Therefore;
    2) If this was a certain other group, they would be asking, What “parks security”? What “problem”? What world am I living in?
    3) Any other mayors in 48 other states suggest we call the police on a specific minority group if they are in the park?

    Sometimes, I am glad to live in a place that has no kosher restaurants. I don’t have to deal with this garbage at least.

  13. we will find out the truth. I left a message with his office, they said he was out of town. Waiting for a call. Trust me if he is anti-Semitic I will do my best to let everyone know. If he was smart he would return my call. I do not see any other rabbis giving him the benefit of the doubt.

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