Lakewood: Woman Niftar in 2018 Will Finally Have A Jewish Burial; Meis Mitzvah


The following is via TLS:

A Jewish woman Niftar in 2018 will finally have a Jewish burial – nearly one year after her passing.

The woman was Niftar in July of 2018, but her body was not claimed by relatives, and due to various legal issues her remains were held until the issues could be resolved.

In a turn of Hashgacha Pratis, the attorney that was appointed to this case to handle her arrangements was aware she was Jewish, and got in touch with the Belkoff Goldstein funeral home in Lakewood to facilitate a ‘Jewish cremation’ – something which does not exist in Jewish tradition.

However, after a brief conversation, he agreed to allow a traditional Jewish burial, with Tahara, in a Jewish cemetery.

Thanks to the efforts of Rabbi Moshe Gottlieb, Serenity Hospice, Chevra Kadisha Anshei Chesed of Lakewood, and Mr. Glen Steinberg, FHBS.

The services will take place 10:30 AM on Tuesday, May 21, 2019, at the Freehold Hebrew Benefit Society Cemetery.

(Source: TLS)


  1. Those who in live in the area should make sure that there is a proper minyan for the burial. ( i am in EY so I can’t do the mitzvah)

  2. Having no one from her family claiming her is tragic itself. That shouldn’t mean she should have a quarantine Levaya.
    Everyone should try their best to be at her funeral. We are her family. A Jew is a Jew. Please folks try your best to attend. She deserves it.