GEDOLIM LETTERS ON VACCINATION: Dr. Rich Roberts Publishes 192,000 Copies Of Massive Brochure in English & Yiddish


Dr. Richard H. Roberts, the noted Orthodox Lakewood businessman and philanthropist has been fighting the “anti-vaxxer” cult for the past few years. He has released videos exposing them, and has even banned them from coming to his totally free annual massive carnival held every Chol Hamoed Sukkos and Pesach for the entire Lakewood community.

Now, Roberts has taken his campaign to another level, and produced an incredible 24-page brochure, in English, Yiddish and Hebrew. He has printed a whopping 192,000 copies to be distributed everywhere.

Dr Roberts tells YWN the following in a statement:

I felt compelled to do this project due to the massive Chillul Hashem, and the medical damage to people, that has resulted from the frum anti-vaxxers as well as their irreverent disregard for the directions from our Gedolim and their snubbing of Halachah.

Frum anti-vaxxers can no longer say that they don’t know the directives of our Gedolim because I have consolidated these letters for them in this booklet.

Frum anti-vaxxers can no longer say that they can’t read the publications since I have had it translated into Yiddish and Hebrew.

Frum anti-vaxxers can no longer say that they don’t have access to the words of the Gedolim that are available electronically since I have had 192,000 copies of this booklet printed and delivered directly to their homes and shuls.

The frum anti-vaxxers’ Chillul Hashem, disregard for our Gedolim and Halachah, brazen defiance of public legal authorities, and medical endangerment of people in our society must stop now.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. waste of time & money.

    By now anyone in our community who isn’t vaxxing is not doing it out of ignorance. They did their research & made up their minds. Only a full-scale double-blinded placebo study (with people from both sides conducting it together) will change anyone’s mind.

    If we truly want to end the Chillul Hashem, we’d stop posting articles about it & revving up hate within our own community & stop talking about it & giving them more publicity. (Their numbers grew & they’ve become more outspoken & prominent over the last year)

  2. The anti-vaxxers have a logistical problem. They have reached their conclusion and have staunchly refused to be impressed by the facts. I have yet to encounter a single anti-vaxxer that has the competence to review the literature of scientific study and reach the conclusion he/she did. Rather, the decision to oppose vaccination was accepted, and then the efforts to substantiate it are launched. This reversal of logic is unacceptable.

    I will not pay attention to what this cult says. I will seek the direction from the experts, as virtually all of our gedolim have stated. ואל בינתך אל תשען.

  3. Dr. Rich – on behalf of Klal Yisroel, thank you for your efforts to fight kefira. I would like to see the material you have published to help me to explain to others in a logical and Torah based way, why vaccination is so important both for the individual and the klal. Can you please post the material in electronic form and ask YWN to publicize a link? Thank you

  4. Hi Dr! This is the best thing you can do for Klal Yisroel! what a Tzadik!! But why stop at english, yiddish and hebrew?! Lets get this going in Spanish too! Also maybe you can promote this with pre-Shavuos carnival, I’m sure that will bring a big crowd in as it always does and you can give a speech about it!

  5. Bunny76 – you are spot on – where is that one, just one, unbiased true experimental research study (e.g., controlled clinical trials with proper control procedures – see any basic research text book for explanation), that has yet to be conducted? (The Danish study doesn’t meet these criteria for multiple reasons – can anyone figure out why?)
    Reb Roberts – I’m sure your intentions are lishma and your money is yours to use as you see fit. With all that ails our community, your pamphlets are an unfortunate choice because hashtadlus in health, parnassah, chinuch , etc. must be made on an individual basis, by consulting with ONE’S OWN DAAS TORAH. I find it curious that a godol’s kol korei with regard to skirt and sheitel lengths are largely ignored but with regard to vaccines, we become kanaim L’dvar Hashem. Halivei we should have the same emunas chochumim in all areas.

  6. Huge rich fan here me and my family wait all year for his great pakalech and amazing carnival that being said he should continue spreading his great knowledge on this subject as the saying goes in my house you want to be rich make a carnival

  7. dbrim,

    Read the labeling information for any vaccine. It lists the kinds of studies you are looking for. The labels are available online.

  8. True experimental designs (not to be confused with non-experimental and quasi-experimental designs) investigating the long-term and short term effects of vaccines (individual doses or combined doses) do not exists. Period. (To better evaluate research claims in any area of research, at least a rudimentary understanding of research design, internal validity, and functional relationships is in order). What is listed on vaccine inserts are the ingredients and the side effects of vaccines. If informed consent is the standard in medical practice as it should be, these inserts should be distributed and read by medical personnel, parents, or guardians before each vaccination.