WATCH: Police Surround House For Burglary, Find Deer Instead


Police who surrounded a house in eastern Texas because they thought they had a burglary in progress found a deer instead.

The homeowner called Lufkin police early Thursday after she heard glass breaking. The woman hid in a closet and realized she had left her weapon in the kitchen. Officers were worried it could end up in the hands of the suspect.

Video posted on Facebook shows officers entering the home, yelling, “Police! Let me see your hands!” Police say as the officers rounded a corner, they came “face to face with one very frightened doe.”

An officer shouted “It’s a deer! It’s a deer! It’s a deer!”

The officers used chairs to shoo the deer out the door.



  1. New York Post headline:
    No Dough for Deer Burglar
    And in other [RELEVANT] news, a record number of children died this paat year in Israel due to accidents, and they are building yet another Ikea, near Beit Shemesh, but still no hospital!
    H’ yishmor.