VIDEO: Nachal Chareidi Soldier Critically Wounded In Givat Assaf Terror Attack Surprises Doctors


Two Nachal Chareidi soldiers were killed in the December 2018 Givat Assaf terrorist attack in Shomron; Yossi Cohen HY”D and Yuval Mor Yosef HY”D. A third soldier, Netanel Felber was critically injured, shot in his head, and most did not expect him to pull through. B’chasdei Hashem, he is slowly and miraculously making a recovery, and has opened his eyes, is breathing on his own, and according to his father, Joe Felber, he believes that Netanel is aware of his presence.

Netanel’s medical treatment at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital has ended after three months, and he was transported to Sheba Medical Center for the long difficult road to recovery, with the family well aware of his brain injury and the difficulties that face him. The family also asked that he face not be shown on camera, due to the injuries he sustained.

The Felbers made aliyah 13 years ago, and they have now become Israelis as they deal with their son’s injuries and the bureaucracy that escorts their case, with Mrs. Felber admitting, “I haven’t learned well enough” regarding how one deals with the bureaucracy. Netanel, who lives in Ra’anana, has become an honorary Jerusalem resident, as many Jerusalemites ran on his behalf in the Jerusalem marathon.

On the happy side, the Felber family is preparing for an upcoming chasenah, of daughter Adina.

Netanel’s physical therapist, Guy, explains there is change for the better as his injuries are not light, but Guy is defying the expectations of his medical team.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)