ANOTHER INSANE VIDEO: Car Blows Past Stopped Boro Park School Bus While Children Get Off


This is how children R”L get killed.

This incident occurred in Boro Park this week, as a school bus had stopped to drop off children returning home from Yeshiva.

As the bus comes to a stop, a totally reckless driver blows past the school bus.

Recently, a new law was being passed in NY where divers caught passing a stopped bus would face $250 fines.

Do you think $250 is enough of a punishment to such drivers?

How do you suggest this driver and others like this are dealt with?

  • License suspension?
  • Having his license revoked?
  • His car impounded?


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. the vehicle had their hazardous light were on, seems like he or she was in emergency perhaps rushing to the hospital, btw for a bus it illegal to block another lane just to drop off the passengers.

  2. I noticed the offending vehicle had emergency lights flashing. Perhaps the driver was discombobulated by his/her own emergency?

  3. Make them watch a video of children who have been R”l killed or crippled by being hit by cars. A child on crutches looking into the camera saying, “Please drive safely, so this won’t happen to anyone else,” or seeing pictures of a child that was killed, will make a far greater impression than a fine which is paid today and forgotten tomorrow.

  4. Why is the bus driving on the wrong side of the street?
    And why is the driver letting a passenger off in the middle of the road?

  5. Goldilocks – not sure if the bus was driving on the wrong side of the street,
    If you notice, the parked cars and the car behind the bus was opposite normal.
    If it weren’t for the New York plates on the cars I would tend to believe that this video was taken in the U.K. and not Brooklyn.
    Very strange unless the video came through in mirror image.

  6. He wasn’t driving on the other side of the street the video is mirror. Boro Park drivers need to SLOW DOWN!! The bus drivers included.

  7. First off, the passing car did not have emergency lights flashing. That was the reflection of the bus’s flashing lights.

    Secondly, the bus was not driving on the wrong side of the street. It was filmed through a mirror, so that everything looked backward. Otherwise the other car was also on the wrong side of the street.

  8. Goldie – it’s a one-way street, like a lot of the streets in Boro Park. Also, they let children off in front of their homes. There is a very clear law that no car is allowed to pass a stopped school bus while it is letting off children. If the back lights on the bus are blinking, it’s the same as running a red light.

  9. On Friday I was driving down 12th avenue a yeshiva bus was coming towards me. I have no way of knowing where he’s going to stop. As I drove past the bus he put on his lights. There was no way for me to stop before the bus. Bus Driver if someone s coming towards you either block the street or give him a second to pass you. Be fair.

  10. At 8 seconds in, you can see a truck with all writing backwards. So this whole video is mirror image.
    And there’s double yellow lines, so it’s a two way street. Not everything in Boro Park is one ways.
    And people who blow past school buses should be required to provide hands on nursing care (including diaper changes) of older children who were hurt in vehicular accidents. Without pay. Until they cry and beg for mercy.

  11. At 16 seconds, if you stop the video at the right place, you can see the license plate does not look like a regular NY plate. Could it be a taxi plate? Is there a way to send it to the police?