INCREDIBLE POLICE WORK: NYPD Nab Bank Robbery Suspect After Shutting Down Entire Highway [VIDEO]


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A man robbed a bank on 12 Avenue and West 29 Street on Wednesday afternoon, and the NYPD moved fast to apprehend him.

The man apparently fled with a “dye pack” from the bank that was being tracked. Police shut the entire Henry Hudson Parkway as the suspect had fled in a car and was being tracked there.

The traffic on the George Washington bridge had already been slowed down by cops, and officers were placed at intersections and exits from Manhattan highways.

Officers literally went car-to-car until they located their suspect at West 94 Street and the Henry Hudson Parkway.

Footage provided to YWN shows the man standing next to a yellow cab. It is possible that he took a cab when fleeing the scene.

No further details were immediately available.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)