WATCH: Reporter Yanki Farber Gives Update From Manchester Deli Involved In Kashrus Scandal


Reporter for Bichadrei Chareidim Yanki Farber was at Gough Deli in Manchester on Wednesday and recorded the attached video.

As YWN had reported, Gough Deli in Manchester had its Hechsher pulled on Monday due to allegations of non-Kosher meat seen in the establishment. On Tuesday morning, shock spread through the community when word spread that the owner of the establishment was found dead. Police are investigating the circumstances.

The man owned another store in Liverpool that also had its Hechsher pulled.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. he may be a fine reporter, but his halakhic advice on where to buy meat is nonsense. we have simanim in the SA about simanim required when transporting meat. (intentional pun.)

  2. Very valid point that has been a source of issues in some of the other kosher meat problems in the US as well. Know all your sources!

  3. Hard to follow the comments in this video…did he say that some are actually “getting new kitchens” or did he mean some are koshering their kitchens in an abundance of cuation?