Fire Destroys Bungalows At Sanz Klausenburg In Woodbourne [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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A two-alarm fire just before Shabbos destroyed two bungalows at Sanz Camp at 218 Firehouse Road in Woodbourne.

The summer camp is right next to the Woodbourne Firehouse.

Additional manpower was brought in under mutual aid.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.



  1. B’H no one was hurt but these wood huts look like firetraps. How can they still allow human beings to live in these structures which should have been torn down years ago and replaced with modern buildings that are built to the highest safety codes if you ar going to have families and children live there for 2-3 months

  2. KShomron the proper response came from Gadolhadorah. Though it would be tragic for a sefer torah to be destroyed, it can be replaced. A human life can not.

    And how a bout a big thank you to the firefighters who prevented that entire camp from going up in flames?

  3. Laughing…..every time the local first responders and building code inspectors take action against these really decrepit bungalow colonies and summer camp facilities for violations of fire, health and safety codes, there are all sorts of cries of ” gevalt” and “anti-Semitism” which have made local authorities reluctant to aggressively take action where there are high risk situations. While conditions in the City may not be ideal in the summer, putting so many families at risk year after year is simply a tragedy waiting to happen. When I drove around the Catskills several years ago, after not having been up there for several decades, it was like a time warp…nothing had changed to the rotting buildings I remember from college while working at several hotels and camp locations in the summer. Those who now own and run these facilities seemingly perform only the most minimal upgrades and repair and we are just a day away from C’V reading of some real tragedy involving loss of life and not just worrying about a few seforim being destroyed.

  4. @kshomron you are a “letz” in the worst sense of the word. Yes there are nissim in this manner. No, you don’t need to make fun of them. B”H nobody was hurt, and that’s the biggest nes (and the main point.)