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WATCH THIS: NYPD Traffic Agent Gives Summons To Pupa Bus As Children Get On

A school bus loading children in front of the school was issued a summons by an NYPD Traffic Agent on Wednesday morning.

The incident happened in front of the Pupa Cheder on Wilson Street.

The bus had its motor running, red lights flashing, and the children were getting on the bus.

A ticket was issued for “no standing anytime”.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. No kids were getting on the bus when the ticket was issued. The video clearly shows that.

    Moderators Note: Clearly…. you did not watch the video in full.

  2. Interesting, because you’re allowed to stop in a no-standing zone for the purpose of picking up and discharging passengers.

  3. Welcome to the world of Idi Amin Dada, under the benevolent reign of his excellency president for life of Warren William JR. DeBlasio.

  4. Not that the traffic agents deserve benefit of doubt, but from the side that the agent was standing all he saw was closed doors and an empty bus – lights flashing or not. Plus, on the first circling of the bus, there were no children getting on the bus and the ticket was already printed. The children were suddenly getting on on the second time around. There was a jump in the video – which makes me suspect that a time lapse may have been spliced.

    What would have happened if Instead of recording the agent issuing the ticket and then walking around the bus to record the children boarding the bus, the bystander had just pointed out to the agent that the door on the sidewalk side was open? Maybe he wouldn’t have issued the ticket? Maybe.

    I am not a fan of them either, but isn’t it always better to avoid the ticket in the first place rather than have to fight it?

  5. Good. If there is indeed a clear sign forbidding it, then the driver should not have been standing there. Unless, of course, he has an exemption, which he SHOULD have for that spot

  6. • No standing signs usually mean you can drop people off or pick them up, but you still can’t load or unload things from cars or trucks.

    • These signs really mean not a loading zone.

    • In most cities, a No Standing sign means you can stop and wait, as long as the driver stays behind the wheel (and in some places, the car must keep running).

    Agent had to make his quota or was plain anti semitic.

  7. The enforcement of traffic and parking laws is one thing. But this has evolved into a fund raising project, and the truth of quotas has been exposed numerous times despite the denials by NYPD and NYC government. The “gotcha” attitude is awful. If the matter was safety related, I would want the enforcement to be tougher. But it is seldom the case. This situation may be dramatic because it was a school bus. Many of us have heard of many others that are less newsworthy, yet disgusting and blatantly dishonest.

    I would hope that the agent involved here faces the consequences for doing this. But once this fades from the media radar, he will probably continue unscathed. This climate was ushered by Bloomberg, and is kept live and well by DeBlasio. I can’t wait to oust this misfit and his ilk from office at the next election. I would not vote for anyone he endorses.

  8. Moderator: the kids came out to get on the bus only AFTER the ticket was issued. I am not stupid. I understand fully well what the pupa yeshiva is trying to pull off. I watched the video in its entirety.

    Moderators Note: Actually, you are stupid (your words), and a choished bichsheirim.

  9. What looks like happened is that the bus was parked there waiting for the children to come out. However, in the amount of time it took the children to come out the police officer was able ask for licence and registration, and issue a ticket- which takes some minutes to do as many of us know.

    If the bus driver would have said “office its 2:37 pm and the boys get out at 2:45 pm and I am just waiting for them, I imagine there would not have been a ticket. However, as many times does happen, especially since the bus is privately owned, it does not have a good parking spot and it could have been just waiting there for a longer period of time than was acceptable in a “no standing zone”

    The office appears to just be doing his job. Listen to the man in the video “they park their bus in front of their school”
    If thats the case the ticket seems to be warranted.

  10. I cant tell from the video but if the operator/driver was present the officer MUST hand him/her the ticket. If it is left on the vehicle with the driver present it should be an automatic dismissal.

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