Monticello: Sullivan County Sheriff Mike Schiff Helps Complete Sefer Torah At Beaver Lake Estates [PHOTOS]


It was a festive day at Beaver Lake Estates in Monticello on Sunday, as the Shul welcomed a new Sefer Torah to its Shul, Congregation Ahavas Yisroel.

Sullivan County Sheriff Mike Schiff, one of the only Jewish Sheriff’s in the United States attended the event along with Undersheriff Eric Chaboty.

Schiff was honored with helping the Sofer inscribe a letter in the Sefer Torah.

Both Schiff and Chaboty participated in the festive singing and dancing after the Torah was finished.

Schiff told YWN in a brief phone interview that he and the Undersheriff “wish all the visitors to Sullivan County and safe and relaxing summer.”

“We are thrilled to kick off the summer season with a joyous occasion, and hope that Summer 2019 is only marked with joyous occasions”, Schiff said.

Mike Schiff and Eric Chaboty are two of the most dedicated individuals who have been running the Sheriff Department with dignity and respect for 13 years. The respect they have shown to all religions and denominations in the county is something for other elected officials to emulate.

With over 40 years of Law Enforcement experience, Sheriff Michael Schiff has proven that he is a true law enforcement leader.

Mike and Eric are true community leaders, and work closely with Catskills Hatzolah, Misaskim & many other community organizations to ensure the safety and the well being of all residents of Sullivan County.

Mike Schiff retired from the NY State Police in April of 2005 and was elected Sheriff in November. On January 1, 2006 Michael Schiff was sworn in as the 46th Sheriff of Sullivan County

(YWN World headquarters – NYC)