UPDATED: Confirmed Measles Exposure At Bungalow Colony In Monticello


There have been a few measles cases in Sullivan County the past few weeks, YWN has confirmed. One of them was a confirmed exposure at Nachlei Emunah Bungalow Colony on Joyland Road. The measles case was confirmed last week some time.

Health inspectors were at the summer vacation spot on Sunday, making sure that everyone was properly vaccinated.

The other exposures were all single locations, meaning only one person at each, and not an outbreak.

The Sullivan County Health Department spoke to YWN earlier on Sunday and said “Sullivan County Public Health staff and County officials are collaborating with NYS Dept of Health investigators regarding a confirmed case of measles at a bungalow colony outside of Monticello, to determine the immunity status of residents there and how many people may have been exposed, in order to ensure everyone is protected. The individual who had measles returned home (outside Sullivan County) some time ago.”

Additional information will be updated when it becomes available.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. It’s so sad that parents can be so thick-headed and be blind to such cantagion. #1, how could they do it to their own children and #2, not to be mindful of others! Why aren’t they being charged for neglect or abuse? I don’t get it!

  2. Why don’t the management of every colony demand to see vax records for every family? If I were there I’d be livid. The selfishness and inconsideration of these people is astounding.

  3. The Mother’s of unvaccinated children should be totally ashamed of themselves. You call yourself a Frum Jew?. In my opinion,you are the worst of the worse. You care nothing of your children and now you are putting so many children and infants in danger. You don’t want to vaccinate, stay the hell home

  4. Maybe it was a baby who was too young to be vaccinated? Let’s be dan lkaf zchus here and hope it was not an intentional anti-vax.

  5. Was the person vaccinated? There have been more and more cases of measles in people who are vaccinated…. only to find out they aren’t immune

  6. They choose to be unvaccinated and now have measles. Thats okay and completely fine with me. They should remain in the bungalow colony for the entire summer, and not visit supermarkets, Walmarts, attractions, waterparks, or pools. Mikvah visits can take place in their lake in their colony. Completely isolate themselves from everyone else (including other frum Jews).

  7. I’m reading comments about selfish mothers not vaccinating their kids but nowhere in this article does it say the infected person wasn’t vaccinated. Therefore I’ll assume they were vaxxed.. If they weren’t, it would not only be in the article it would be in the headline