Catskills: Power Outage Forces Camp Chaya Sara To Send Campers Home For Shabbos


A power outage at a girls camp in the Catskills is sending home their campers, Friday afternoon.

Parents of campers at Camp Chaya Sara on High Road in Glen Spey, NY (Sullivan County), were notified at around 2:30PM of a power outage at the camp. They were given an option of picking up their children before Shabbos, or have their girls placed in other camps for Shabbos.

Camp Chaya Sara belongs to the Bais Sara Girls School in Boro Park. There are reportedly around 1,000 girls in the camp.

The entire Tri-State area is currently benign hit with a heatwave with dangerous temperatures.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Fake news. I was just there visiting my two daughters they do not let anybody go home from camp, electric company is on premises fixing the problem.
    I was told by management that they do not let anybody home evevything will be okay. Theyhad a back-up plan to take the whole Camp to a different location,which will not be used as of now.
    Also it wasn’t the whole camp the main buildings as lunchroom ETC had regular electric

  2. Same electric problem happened again about an hour before the zman,after the company left , all the girls are in Camp for shabbos hopefully it will be restored tonight ASAP by The electric company

  3. Perhaps now is a good time to learn how Shabbos was observed in the 2900 years prior to the 20th (Gregorian) century, when no one had electricity.