Melinda Katz Declared Recount Winner As Queens DA Fight Heads To Court

Photo Source: Fox 5 NY

New York City’s Board of Elections has officially certified Queens Borough President Melinda Katz as the winner of the hotly contested Democratic primary for Queens district attorney.

The board said Monday that Katz beat public defender Tiffany Cabán by 60 votes.

But Cabán is continuing with a legal challenge to get invalidated ballots counted.

Cabán’s campaign said it would be in court on Wednesday over more than 100 ballots excluded from the count.

Katz’s campaign has claimed victory and says the people of Queens have spoken.

The board certified the results following a manual recount of more than 90,000 votes that ended last week, a month after the June 25 primary.

The primary winner is expected to win the general election in November.



  1. I am a registered Democrat and an unregistered liberal. I am suspicious of any election that is this close, but the more important point is that neither of these 2 candidates is qualified for the job of District Attorney. The winner may change her ways and do a good job, but I would prefer that my party nominate a qualified candidate.

    The result of this primary election gives Queens Republicans a chance to run a qualified candidate and win the general election. It would be an opportunity for Queens Republicans to demonstrate that they are not the same kinds of political hacks as the Democrats.