TEHILLIM – NAME ADDED: Lakewood Man Critical After Struck By Vehicle While Riding Bike In Howell


A Lakewood resident is in critical condition after he was struck by a vehicle in Howell, NJ.

Sources tell YWN that the man was riding his bike in Howell when he was reportedly found by a passerby laying on the side of the road.

Howell EMS and Lakewood Hatzolah Paramedics rushed him to the Jersey Shore Trauma Center where he is listed in critical condition.

Howell Police are investigating the incident which is either a hit-and-run, or the victim swerved to avoid a vehicle.

Please say Tehillim for Chaim Yisroel ben Chaya.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Refuah Shlaima to this person… I hope he will recover very fast and have little or no pain dealing with this. Let’s all daven for him.

    Please please be careful on your bicycles.