Fire Destroys Adas Israel Synagogue in Minnesota [PHOTOS]

Duluth synagogue fire (Photo via CBS-3)

Minnesota officials say fire has gutted a historic synagogue in downtown Duluth.

Firefighters responded to the fire at the Adas Israel Congregation about 2 a.m. Monday and finally knocked it down about four hours later. At daylight, spectators could see the charred remains of the synagogue with some structural walls still standing. Duluth Assistant Fire Chief Brent Consie said the building “is pretty much a total loss.”

There was no immediate word from fire officials on what started the blaze.

According to its website, the Adas Israel Congregation is an Orthodox/High Conservative Jewish congregation with a membership of 75 people.

Construction of the synagogue was completed in 1902.



  1. What’s a “high conservative” synagogue? Is it one that holds by the standards of the Conservative movement of the last century before they followed the Protestants and ordained women clargy? I have never heard that term before.

  2. Yankel…..You are such a ehrliche yid to highlight your concerns about the hashkafah of these yidden (whatever it happens to be) at this time of tragedy for them.

  3. One article I saw combined the term high conservative and modern orthodox. I went to a “conservative” shul (really was more of a Steeble) once that like yaakov doe says, used really old siddurs and wouldn’t buy any new changed ones with all of the changed wording. The people there couldn’t figure out how to describe their stream either, so they just said traditional.
    Have to realize that Duluth is still a smaller place in the United States and you’re lucky to get this or hopefully a Chabad house. Otherwise, all you get is the Reformation. I wish I could’ve visited this place