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WATCH IT: Man Chokes Williamsburg Shomrim Member, Gets Arrested Minutes Later

A man was arrested after he choked a Williamsburg Shomrim on Monday morning.

It happened on Warsoff Place near Flushing and Park Avenues at around 11:25AM.

The incident surrounded a dispute regarding a parking issue. While the Shomrim member was talking to the truck driver (suspect), the man suddenly grabbed the Shomrim member, choking him.

He eventually let him free, and he called for assistance.

The NYPD along with assistance from Shomrim apprehended the man. He was taken into custody.

Charges are pending.

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13 Responses

  1. mavenschoice: they block commentS they don’t agree with. I am totally surprised they let my comment threw this time. But I guess everyone already knows Shomrim is racist.

  2. These days when there are many attacks on Yiden, mostly by black males, a Yid should be careful and not confront them.
    Just let it go. You don’t always have to point out when someone does something wrong.
    We are being taught to be kind to everyone. We need to be careful how we treat goyim that we come in contact with,
    whether, workers, mailman, sanitation men, etc. We should be friendly and when we have a problem be polite. Don’t antagonize them.

  3. This is the part that everyone seems to miss-the guys daughter just got into the car and watched the whole thing happen ! Poor kid. As a parent,never ever enter into such a confrontation that can spiral southward. The Trauma !!!

  4. yes it would be smart to let it go, and therefore thats the right thing. Yet thats not our prerogative though . as an observer (after the fact) we must stand for civility and justice, not preaching at a victim. Thats for a conversation to the person afterward 1 on 1, or to a community to advise. but proper self defense doesnt mean its ok to attack, so quit harping on the victim of violence.
    to trachtgeet, shomrim arent trained in physical combat at all, thats not their objective, in fact just the opposite, they arent supposed to engage in physical contact, so your idiotic condescending comment is quite ignorant and unwelcome

  5. @wgfpd2
    i hear alot of male cow about how this racist that racist. MLK said he dreamed of a day when his children are judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. So lets be straight, the jewish community has suffered from the lower elements of the neighboring black community a tremendous amount. So yes we’re a little weary of black people who seem to embrace the ‘gangsta’/ rap culture. That doesnt mean we are racist or dislike black people, quite the contrary, we get along wonderfully with the black community as a whole. But, no, we dont have to pretend a troubled fatherless youth/adult-baby is harmless when so clearly their not. Lets judge by character, skin-color got nothing to do with it.

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