FRIGHTENING MOMENT: Child Nearly Run Over By Car Exiting Boro Park Supermarket


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Thankfully, the child in the attached video was not injured, but it sure is a heart-stopping moment to watch.

This reportedly happened at the KRM Supermarket on 39th Street in Boro Park.

The viewer will see a car exiting the valet parking garage, when suddenly, a child barrels down the sidewalk on a bicycle, striking the side of the car. The bike nearly gets pinned underneath, but the child Bichasdei Hashem walks away unharmed.

It should be noted that the child was not wearing a helmet during this frightening ordeal.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The child barrels down the sidewalk and also you stated he was not wearing a helmet ( sounds like you’re blaming the kid)a sidewalk is made to walk or for a child to ride his bike the driver coming out of the parking lot came out like a nut

  2. The kid is very lucky a few more inches and he would have been dead. The driver should have been more cautious -less pressure on the gas pedal perhaps- coming out of the lot. The child needs to be taught to be more aware. And a helmet in this case would not have been helpful.

  3. Fatso:

    I am a regular shopper at KRM. The entire matter of cars is a nightmare. The lines getting into the parking area are often quite long. The valets do their absolute best in managing the traffic flow. Pedestrians (and bike riders) should have enough saichel to know the entrance and exit areas of that lot are high traffic spots. Looking both ways is a basic rule at intersections, and is no different by entrance and exits from driveways. It is a major responsibility to ride a bike in BP, and treating this as a casual privilege is a mistake. Some mishaps are the fault of the car, others bike riders behaving irresponsibly. There is much room for improvement in the current situation, and the throwing around of blame is not useful, probably not even accurate.

  4. Scary moment.Bh kid ones saying childs fault but he should be wearing helmet.also if u know the neighborhood so not a residential block..with krm and delivery trucks im “almost scared to walk” down block myself.i would hold on to a 10 yr old on this block. Where did this kid on bike come from??

  5. While you may be right about the sidewalk being for pedestrians and children riding bikes (although the latter is debatable, as it can be illegal to ride a bike on the crowded sidewalks of NYC:
    Riding a bicycle on a sidewalk in New York State depends on local laws. For example, New York City only allows children under 13 to ride on sidewalks, and only if the bike’s wheels are less than 26 inches in diameter.)
    However, that location is completely commercial and very, very busy and crowded for much of the day. It is NOT a residential area. There is no reason at all for any child to be riding his bike or even just playing on that street!
    The kid is too young to be blamed. Where are his parents, though?!

  6. Anyone on a bike riding on the sidewalk, regardless of age, is a danger to pedestrians.
    The kid should be wearing a helmet AND be taught to be careful when approaching an active driveway.

  7. It is 100% the driver’s responsibility to STOP and LOOK out for pedestrians before exiting the lot. It looks like the driver did not even slow down, let alone stop. The driver should pay any medical bills the child may have incurred.

  8. Yaapchik – my thoughts also. Who’s the parent? Too busy chatting to watch the child, it seems. Did the driver stop?

    Yid18 – that garage space is dangerous inside as well. Those valet attendants think it’s a race track.

  9. The driver is driving like a maniac for coming straight out on a sidewalk at that speed.
    Furthermore, for sure there was no emergency break or stop from the driver as the car continued going for a meter or two with no skid or similar rather just harsh breaking which should not be the case in such an emergency!.
    Shocking on behalf of the driver and hopefully they have learnt there lesson this time. Could have ended much worse r”l and the driver behind bars for a good few years as well!!!

  10. iacisrmma Just by watching the video of the car pulling out from the garage a pedestrian has the right of way on the sidewalk a car pulling out of the driveway does not have a right of way.a NORMAL sane person would slow down and look before pulling out like this lunatic

  11. Don’t blame anyone.. children will always be children.
    1.perhaps they live around the block on 38 street,
    2. perhaps the child was riding around the block without permission
    3. pedestrians are always in the ‘right’, so yes, the drive should have been a bit more careful.
    I am a shopper at KRM, and on the whole the drivers are careful..
    but there are always exceptions… I can’t tell how fast the car was going.
    4. family had a nes happen, and they should thank Hashem, if they will even find out about it..
    and everyone should have a gitt gebenshed safe year!

  12. He looks to be under 10 years old and may not realize how dangerous that block is. I’ve always found the KRM valet drivers to be careful but a kid riding a bike down that sidewalk is not something anyone would expect. Where were the parents?

  13. Sorry to say but KRM is liable & careless concerning the Valet Service I have witnessed many times personally that the Valet drivers just Zoom thru the garage door while pedestrians walk by since its a blind corner something has to be done to avoid chas veshulem a tragedy.

  14. A driver coming from a garage to a pedestrian sidewalk should always proceed slowly with caution, but children riding bikes and pedestrians have to cross over exits from garages and driveways with caution too. If the child was too young to have such seichel, he should have had an adult watching him.