NY Governor Threatens To Prevent Gas Company From Operating

FILE - In this Feb. 14, 2019, file photo, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks before signing a bill in New York. Cuomo said that the plaintiffs in a challenge to the Republican-led tax overhaul filed last year "are evaluating all options including appeal," after a federal judge in New York has ruled that the 2017 federal tax overhaul's cap on state and local tax deductions was not an "unconstitutional assault" on the sovereignty of high-tax Democratic-leaning states. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo is threatening to revoke a utility’s certificate to offer natural gas service in downstate New York.

Democrat Cuomo sent a letter to National Grid on Tuesday giving the company 14 days to respond.

State utility regulators this fall took aim at National Grid for denying natural gas service to more than 1,100 customers in Queens and Brooklyn since May. The company blamed New York’s rejection of an application for a $1 billion pipeline to bring natural gas from Pennsylvania’s shale gas fields.

Cuomo says such a pipeline wouldn’t be in service until at least next year. National Grid has since reversed course and begun connecting customers.

Cuomo claims National Grid took advantage of the public.

A National Grid spokeswoman says the company’s reviewing Cuomo’s letter.



  1. Shut down National Grid so no one has gas service in this cold. Makes a lot of sense. Not.
    But Cuomo thinks that will score him points in this political battle…

  2. Maybe if Cuomo followed through with his threat then at least some of New York State would experience what it would be like if the Democrat touted “New Green Deal” were to be adopted.

  3. The state can always destroy the company and then the state can pay for trucking in gas from other states. California has had great success in destroying utilities by unjustified regulation and bullying them to spend money on things unrelated to providing service. While such policies are bad for consumers and taxpayers (usually the same), they are a small price to be paid for political correctness, and in all fairness, New Yorkers are free to get up and move to states with better governance (not to mention cheaper energy and lower taxes).

  4. If National Grid is forced to connect to too many customers, when gas supplies are insufficient they will be forced to lower the gas pressure. Then everyone will have their gas boilers shut down.