Bloomberg Pouring $100M In Anti-Trump Ad Campaign


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New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who is deciding whether to launch a Democratic presidential bid, is pouring $100 million into an online advertising campaign attacking President Donald Trump.

The campaign, which targets voters in four general election battleground states — Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — begins running on Friday, according to Bloomberg spokesman Jason Schechter.

News of the massive investment was first reported by The New York Times. The former New York City mayor has already filed paperwork in at least two states to appear on presidential primary ballots.

Bloomberg himself is not featured in the ad campaign.

One example of a new ad: An image of Trump’s Twitter account that says, “A TWEET SHOULDN’T THREATEN OUR COUNTRY’S SECURITY.”



  1. But since Bloomie can be identified with the ads, Trump can run against him even if he isn’t the candidate. When he gets bored with attacking the socialists, Trump can attack billionaires for telling his “deplorable” base what to do. And when the Democrats attack Trump for being rich, he can point back at Bloomie.