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WATCH THIS SHOCKING HATE: Christian TV Host Rick Wiles Calls Impeachment A “JEW-COUP”

Popular conservative Christian TV Host Rick Wiles warns his followers that the effort to impeach President Donald Trump is a “Jew coup.”

In a wild anti-semitic rant, Wiles claimed that “Jews are deceivers” who will “do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda,” while arguing that the effort to impeach Trump constitutes a “Jew coup.”

Wiles does not need an excuse to be the Nazi that he is. He has been saying things like this for years. It just happens to be that “Jews” are in fact running this impeachment, such as Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Chuck Schumer and others. Schiff’s Counsel Daniel Goldman is Jewish. Nadlers Counsel Barry Berke is Jewish. Of course we also have Eric Swalwell, Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper of CNN who are all Jewish. Throw in George Soros for good measure.

Who is actually worse, we leave that to you to decide. Is it the self-hating Jews (like Schiff, Nadler and Schumer) that are endangering the lives of Jews in America? Or Rick Wiles?

Someone should remind this neo-Nazi that Orthodox Jews just donated millions to Trump’s reelection campaign in an event attended by hundreds of Yarmulka-wearing Jews.

Shockingly, his news outlet “True News” frequently is granted Whitehouse access.

On his “True News” program Wiles said:

That’s the way the Jews work, they are deceivers, they plot, they lie, they do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda. This ‘impeach Trump’ effort is a Jew coup and the American people better wake up to it really fast because this thing is moving now toward a vote in the House and then a trial in the Senate. We could have a trial before Christmas.

This country could be in civil war at Christmastime. Members of the U.S. military are going to have to take a stand just like they did in the 1860s with the Civil War. They are going to have to decide: are you fighting for the North or the South? People are going to be forced, possibly by this Christmas, to take a stand because of this Jew coup in the United States.

This is a coup led by Jews to overthrow the constitutionally elected president of the United States and it’s beyond removing Donald Trump, it’s removing you and me. That’s what’s at the heart of it. You have been taken over by a Jewish cabal.

The church of Jesus Christ, you’re next. Get it through your head! They’re coming for you. There will be a purge. That’s the next thing that happens when Jews take over a country, they kill millions.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Tell the full truth before scaring everyone. The man is a nuts job with so many other conspiracy theories. wikipedia dot org slash wiki slash Rick_Wiles

  2. Not shocking hate. Lib Democrat Jews like Adam Schiff and Nadler are behind this with the backing of George Soros. Once again, Liberal Jews destroying everything they touch.

  3. Welcome to the real world where there are more conservative Christian Jew-haters than Muslim Jew-haters. Christians are historically the most viscous people and they still spread these vile hate and lies. They can be incredibly violent if the political situation allows it (Hashem should watch over us.)

    Yes, Jews are involved with the impeachment just as whites are and blacks and Asians too. And Jews support Trump as well…

  4. Well, it didn’t take long, did it?
    Now , the usual anti-conservative crowd will pipe in but it’s only a matter of time and convenience before the liberals and lefties join in publicly attacking Jews , though it’ll mostly be about Israel, but we get the messsge. Didn’t know Smellwell is Jewish.
    He’s right about a civil war, though. Millions of Americans aren’t going to let the coup, Jewish or not, take down a president for nothing.
    The link about Orthodox supporters means nothing. Too many Jews not only hate Trump but want him destroyed and say so.
    Yup….. as I predicted , it’s the Jooos.
    Star witnesses Sonderland, Call
    Me Lt. Col. Vindman… Jooos.
    Wake up chevra, don’t get too
    comfortable, we’re in Diaspora.

  5. No Sir yms, it is a democratic party coup.
    Just you guys misleading some Jewish people, making us look dumb, but it is you the democrat voters who are doing it.

  6. …and lokks like Vindman, Jew traitor, babbled to the Blower, who belched to Shirrt… Wiles is painfully correct. Too many Jewish libs cause extra anti Semitism all over the world. You Jewish do-gooders , libs, socialists, radicals, are killing the rest of us.

  7. Anti-Semites don’t want to stress the good deeds of Jews. They deliberately stress the corruption of the Jews, in this case, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, etc. It’s ber. This way throughout history.

  8. The willful ignorance and short-sightedness of much of the frum community in supporting Trump who continuously dog-whistles to anti semites is so sad. I know that Trump supporters will choose to ignore this but I’ll say it anyways: The Republican party of Donald Trump is NOT your friend. Don’t be fooled. Also, please research the anti-Semitic history of “America First” before you stand under it’s banner in support of Trump.

  9. In reality it is EravRav-COUP. The same members of Evsekcia of Democrat party is also responsible for destruction of everything Jews in this country.

  10. I have to agree with lakewhut. Instead of blaming the goy, the hashkafah I was taught in heder (and this is based on the Talmud) is that these type of Jews as mentioned by lakewhut are what brings out the antisemitism within the goy. As we know from the Talmud, there is no way to remove the anti-Semitism from a goy – the only thing is to not bring that anti-Semitism to the surface.

  11. What do Askonim who support the Democrat party have to say about this? Perhaps they should invite this man to get “HIS” Flu Shot at one of the Mobile flu shot clinics that are parking at schools in Williamasburg and Monsey to give Compulsory vaccinations to the teachers. That’s right, Vaccinate or lose your job. The Democrat party is Treife. I’d like to see these Democrat Jews called out for the Chilul Hashem they are making the way you accused the Anti Vaxxers of making a Chilul Hashem for opposing these deviants.

  12. I’m not sure what you expect from him when you have a phony impeachment proceedings all run by Jews. What do you expect? He should understand golus and ein od milvado and Torah and frumkeit??

  13. > Mam

    Wikipedia traces “America First” (as you put it) to Democrat Woodrow Wilson. But more to the point, taking a two word phrase and finding (what is by now) an archaic reference to its “history” is meaningless. I looked up my last name once in google and historically people with that same last name were from all sorts of backgrounds, including well documented extreme anti-Semites. Your “America First” connection has no more relevance then that does.

  14. This is NOT a coup! A coup would also throw out the VP. This is a constitutional process to deal with a liar-in-cheat. I’m not sure what everyone’s problem is, other than they’re hypnotized by Trump. If he gets tossed, Pence comes in and the Twitter feed gets far more boring, but maybe the country can get something done without a bully leading it.

  15. “Philosopher” is right on target with this and so is “Mam”. It is difficult to understand why the frum community has lined up with Trump. Why did Rabbis Jacobson and Reisman debase themselves before this Minuval. And yes, there is much more Jew Hatred on the Christian right than there is in Islam. Just consider the history of the Jews under Christianity vs. Islam and you’ll understand. The “Frum” jews need to wake up quickly.

  16. ANON21
    November 27, 2019 9:00 am at 9:00 am
    I’m not sure what you expect from him when you have a phony impeachment proceedings all run by Jews. What do you expect? He should understand golus and ein od milvado and Torah and frumkeit??
    You could not have expressed it any better. Thank you

  17. Sadly, we’ve been having the “civil war” here on YWN and in other Jewish forums for the past 2 years. There are many who support some of the Trump policies but reject the narcissism, vulgarity, sexism and racism of the incumbent. Yiddin did not carefully plot for years to place themselves in senior government positions just so they could manage the impeachment process. If we did, we would have found better management than Nadler et. al. Bottom line: For those of us who have been warning for years that the right wing Evangelical preachers who Trump and Bibi have embraced really look forward to our destruction as a means to their rapture”, this is just another step down that road.

  18. He is right. This is a Jew Coup. Stinking finking progressive liberal Jews are the head of this. These reasons are why holocausts happen. Why is he wrong?

  19. I suggest for everyone to study history of Russian Revolution and the role Trotsky, Yagoda, Uritsky, Kaganovich and other “Jewish” leaders played the role in it and the vicious brutal terror they unleashed on civilian population resulting in millions deaths, not to mention their war on Yidesheyt and Torah. History repeats itself. Yiden in America have responsibility to stop new Democrat Evsekzia from destroying this country.

  20. There have always been anti semites and there always will be until Moshiach come. What scares me about this incident is that only a few years ago,, even those who were anti semitic, usually didn’t say it in public. It was still taboo. Now it has become much more common and not as unacceptable. This is happening all over the world. Even though these acts are condemned, people are not as afraid as they used to. Times are changing and it’s scary.

  21. Mam,
    Let’s blame Trump for broken public toilets while we’re at..
    He speaks for the Dems too, who are temporarily using Jews as their useful idiots before eventually discarding them. The hatred of Jews on campuses by students and profs all across this land fueled by Muslims and sympathisers is not from the right. Israel, Israel, Israel….Smell the espresso.. It’s not Israel, it’s Jews.
    Watch the ADL, et al make a statement against him.. Yes, he’s an anti Semite, but Jews have no business involving their schnazzolas in overthrowing a duly elected president for absolutely no good reason other than hate.

  22. >This is a coup led by Jews to overthrow the constitutionally elected president of the United States

    He forgets these congressmen are also constitutionally elected, and are exercising their constitutional right to impeach.

  23. Its extremely unfortunate and hard to hear such filthy lying garbage. He makes it sound like its an orchestrated effort by Jews to remove Trump. Or hes nuts and shld take his meds or hes a super antisemite or both.
    In any case, he shld be responsible for his words and be ostracized.
    Last tine I checked, it was the Jews that suffered from the “coup” lead by Christians as they slaughtered Yiddn all thru our sad history.
    This guy is dangerous and shld be taken off the air and off his seat. G d forbid a lunatic gets piped up by his nauseating narcissistic despicable lies.

  24. The comments here are more shocking than the video. There will always be vile right wing Christian anti semites ala Father Coughlin. Unfortunately the haters in this country trend toward Trump. Nothing to be proud of that Orthodox Jews are aligned with them….it just sucks when the intolerance is pointed at us.

  25. @MosheInGalus
    well being that your rude and idiotic comment irritated me greatly i will point out 2 things.
    1 we are in galus becuase of comments like yours “you are stupid” and “dance… democrat party “rat hole”.
    2- Mam is right. there are A WHOLE LOT of conservatives who are extremely anti semitic and see trump as ‘their man’. and yes he DOES bank on their support, so no, while it may be true that trump himself is a friend to jews, the conservative party cannot be said, as a whole, to be the friend of jews.
    Please dont respond that dems are anti semites and blah blah, that being true doesnt change the fact that there are anti semites by conservatives too

  26. to be clear the part that is wrong with the comment above is that you said YOUR democrat party rat hole. it is not really a problem to call the democratic party a rat hole. although its not commendable or intelligent

  27. Mam, there are Jew haters on both sides, conservatives and liberals/ Republicans and Democrats. A large percentage of liberals are in fact viscous Jew haters or self-hating Jews. Liberals, including Jewish liberals, love to spew hatred against Israel and religious Jews especially.

    It’s ridiculous to blame Trump just because there are conservative Jew-haters. If we lump everyone together then why can’t these Jew-haters label us all as liars and traitors that many Jewish liberals are? It’s ridiculous to blame others for what they have not done nor identify with.

  28. Other recent schmoozes from “Pasor Rick” include a warning to Jewish leaders in the legislative and judicial branches that…” if Trump is removed from office, veterans, cowboys, mountain men, guys that know how to fight” will “hunt down” those responsible” Of course, just like the Trumpkopf’s threats against all of his perceived enemies at MAGA rallies, , his words are just being used in jest and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  29. No one disputes we have a growing level of antisemitism on BOTH the right and left, although in the case of the latter, is is cloaked in the guise of “anti-Isaraeli policy” rhetoric. : In response to the growing antisemitism on the LEFT in the UK, Rav Ephraim Mirvis, the new Chief Rabbi of the UK, published a scathing article in The Times newspaper in which he blasted Corbyn for failure to appologize for his own words and said “a new poison, sanctioned from the top (aka Corbyn), has taken root in the Labour Party”. . We need the same courage from the leadership of both Democratics (who seemed unable to condemn antisemitism among their own colleagues) as well as Trump to strongly condem these lunatics and distance themselves from them. In too many cases, politicians seek to walk a fine line of condemning antisemitism in ways which avoid alienating the fringe groups who support them.

  30. MoisheInGolus, please stop repeating anti-Semitic lies. When some Jews, but mostly non-Jews, originally founded the Communist party, it was based on equality for all citizens. They only killed the Czar, his family and supporters to make sure they don’t rise again. It was only when non-Jews took over, the murderers Lenin and Stalin, that wholesale murder of people began. And this was carried out with a minscule of Jews in the Communist party, between hundreds of thousands of Communist non-Jews who took part in the killing and gulag imprisonment of innocent people. There were SOME Jews who were a SMALL kog in the large Communist killing machine made up primarily of non-Jews.

    There may have been independent Bolsheviks who carried out murders against innocent people, but that did not reflect the official policy of the Bolsheviks, particularly the Jews in leadership positions.

  31. chashish, i am glad my comments ” irritated you greatly”, i like to ‘irritate” hypocrites . Where where you when Democrats circle the wagons around filthy antisemite Ilhan Omar? You are probably still busy reading NYT that publishes Nazi style antisemitic cartons. In your desperation you are willing to pin on Trump anything he has nothing to do with, including this xrtian lunatic, but it can not be said the same about your Democrats, starting with Hussein Obama embracing Luis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright.

  32. European Jew hatred nowadays is fueled by mostly Muslim fanatics not Christians. Churches are mostly empty and hristians themselves are persecuted in Arab countries. Evangelical Christians worldwide and in the USA are very supportive of the Jewish and Israel in record numbers.
    This Wiley is an exception and a rabid Jew hater.
    Generally, Jews who are staunchly anti-Zionist, leftist anti- Israel Jews, parve nisht ich shtink -nisht ich shmeck types about Israel ….are fearful of the Evangelicals who are our friends.
    Comments above trying to explain ,
    ot to to disparage Trump and tie him in, regurgitate old Christian persecution of Jews don’t see a reality. Which is that no matter how you’re going to slice it, Jewish involvement in unpopular or even popular movements will still elicit ” Them Jews.. Jew, Jew, JEWJEWJEW!!”

    EXAMPLE from a comment above :
    ” He forgets these congressmen are constitutionally elected.”
    No, he doesn’t. He knows it well and good but doesn’t care.
    Jew blaming will continue unless they stop this evil sham..
    Whether non-Jewish congresspeople are in majority of impeachment insanity is irrelevant. It’s Joo-joo-joo-joo…
    Ya just don’t want to accept this truth…. but that’s an old story, isn’t it??

  33. When have Jews ever taken over any nation and killed millions? This man is a nutcase…. Total insanity. But then so was Hitler and his followers. Oy vey iz mir

  34. philosopher, take a break from your philosophy and read the real history. You know nothing on the subject. Denying history no matter how ugly it is helps no one, we do not like when goym deny the Holocaust. Read about actual crimes committed by Kaganovich, Uritsky and Yagoda who where original founders of CHEKA/NKVD/KGB. Who do you think closed down all the yeshivot and shuls in Russian and sent thousands of rabbis and cheder teachers to GULAG? Read the history of Yevsektsiya before you dismiss it as antisemitic conspiracy.

  35. When have Jews ever taken over any nation and killed millions of people? But the Christians brought the Crusades killing millions upon millions of people. The Jews have never even tried to take over any nation on earth…. nor do they go around killing people. This man is insane and a sick conspiracy theorist but then so was Hitler. This man is only adding to the already escalating hate of Antisemitism in America, and that my friends is a very dangerou thing.

  36. MosheInGolus, I did not deny that some Jews were part of Lenin and Stalin’s reigns of terror. I said they were a small cog in the machine. The fact is, and that’s the fact I want to bring to light, is that Jews were a miniscule part of the Communist party. You can place blame on 2-3 well-known Jewish members who are guilty of persecution, but they were a minority within the party of murderers. And these Jews could not do what they did without being put there by Stalin and without the all the other members of the Communist party and the NKVD henchmen who were numbered in the hundreds of thousands all over Russia with a SMALL MINORITY of Jews among them. I’m not downgrading or excusing any mass murderer, Jewish or not, but I’m putting into perspective that these few Jews could not do this on their own and were placed there by those in power and given the opportunity to do evil by the masses of overwhelmingly non-Jewish army of police and soldiers dedicated to Communism. And that is beside the point that the 3 Jews you are talking about were among hundreds of JUST AS POWERFUL and murderous Russian non-Jews who participated in the atrocities committed by the Communist government the years they were in power. So my entire point is that you should stop pointing a finger at the “Jews” as the overwhelming majority of evil was committed by non-Jews.

    The correct way of putting it is that there were always Jews who are evil and/or stupid and their existence is an embarrassment for us and causes us problems.

  37. philosopher, you sound like Ilhan Omar: Some People did Something in 911 What you are doing is called Historic Revisionism. These Erav-Ravniks were not just “small cog in the machine”. They may be a “SMALL MINORITY” group as you put it, but they where at the TOP of Bolshevik Party leadership, just like Erav-Rav Democrats today. Trotsky who was in charge of Red Army was #2 after Lenin. Bucharin and Kamenev where #3 and #4. Uritski established Bolshevik Gestapo called CHEKA before passing it to Yagoda’s NKVD. Learn for yourself who was Lazar Kaganovich, how he organized 25,000 armed thugs to go into country side in order to terrorize and starve to death millions of Russian peasants.. My point is that history repeats itself, GD-less Erav-Rav Democrats act today just like their predecessors during Russian Revolution.

  38. the hashkafah I was taught in heder (and this is based on the Talmud) is that these type of Jews as mentioned by lakewhut are what brings out the antisemitism within the goy.

    No, it is NOT based on the Talmud. It’s a sick, disgusting hashkofa that you should reject together with everything that heder taught you.

  39. Welcome to the real world where there are more conservative Christian Jew-haters than Muslim Jew-haters.

    No, there are not. There are FAR FEWER, and the few that exist are shunned and pushed to the fringe.

  40. here are A WHOLE LOT of conservatives who are extremely anti semitic and see trump as ‘their man’. and yes he DOES bank on their support,

    This is an outright lie.

  41. I’ll disagree with all of you. I don’t think this is hate speech. I don’t think its antisemitism. True antisemitism is when one mocks Torah Jews. He’s talking about secular, apostate Jews that start up with the goyim. Secular Jews have immense power today, politically, economically, culturally. And for the most part they tear the world to pieces. Who do you think runs Hollywood and television? It’s mostly secular Jews. Christian antisemitism is when you blame Jews for killing JC or eating matzah with baby blood. This is rather a protest against secular Jews ruining America which they are doing.

  42. Hey Kelilah, Are you serious? Are you seriously asking when have Jews ever taken over any nation and killed millions of people? Have you ever heard of Palestine and the Palestinian people? this people who welcomed you as refugees from Europe and then betrayed them, killed them by millions, took their land and their villages and pushed the remaining to refugees in concentration camps and are still suffering until this moment. I am ashamed.

  43. Hey Philosopher, Lenine’s mother was a jews, that make him a jew according to the Jewish law. 85% of the Communist Bolsheviks were Jews.

  44. MosheInGolus, you seem to be getting your “facts” from anti-Semitic websites.Yes, there are erev rav today as they were always, but you make it seem as the Communism murder machine depended on Jews. If only 1/4 of all non-Jews in LEADERSHIP positions in Russian Communist government were Jews then you can say “Jews in top leadership positions”, but you have no right to point to 3-4 individuals out of thousands of non-Jews who were in leadership positions throughout the Communist era, to try to substantiate your point as if Jews were perpertrators of mass murders of the Russian people WHEN THE OPPOSITE IS ACTUALLY THE TRUTH.

    And I’m not a revisionist, you are. Lenin’s takeover of the Bolshevik party does not indicate what the founders ideals and actions were. The vast majority of Jews in the Bolshevik party only wanted to be equal to other Russians so they wouldn’t be targeted by them as progroms was so rampant at the time and they thought Communism was the answer. They were also against the royals because of persecution (as were the non-Jewish Bolsheviks who were the majority). So why in the world are you bringing up the “Bolsheviks” in general when you are talking about persecution? The mass murders started when Lenin came into power.

    As I said, you seem to be getting your “facts” from anti-Semitic websites which often claims non-Jews to be Jews, such as the claim that Lenin was a Zionist Jew or that Hitler was supported by Jews ( and some even say Hotler was Jewish…) They cook up horror stories about Jews.

    Lazar Kaganovich was known as being Stalin’s deputy and has the blood of millions on his hand and I’m absolutely not diminishing his guilt, but the bottom line is he couldn’t of killed too many, or maybe no one at all, if Stalin wouldn’t be giving orders and the Russian army wouldn’t be at his back and call.

    My point is not to prove there are no evil Jews nor to make light of their actions, but it is dangerous to perpertrate lies of Jew-haters who try to revise history and blame everything on Jews. I want to put things into perspective. And yes, I do agree with you that the erev rav of today are dangerous in a sense of providing fodder for anti-Semites and being spiritually dangerous by being a part of the left and their devient behavior. Are you going to point out individual Jews who are vocal in promoting the “alternative lifestyle” when they are a part of today’s corrupt environment of which the vast majority of these promoters are non-Jews? Are you going to say it it Jews who are the fault of today’s corrupted morals?!

  45. אין לנו על מי להשען
    Not on the USA of America, not on Trump, only on hashem.
    אם ד’ לא ישמור עיר שוא שקד שומר
    We were never relaxed on exile more then 70 80 years, always something pops up and reminds us we are in galut.
    Let’s hope moshiach comes, and we do tsuvah, cause America is not as safe as it used to be, and it’s only getting worse.

  46. Moise, RE: ” Are you seriously asking when have Jews ever taken over any nation and killed millions of people. Have you ever heard of Palestine and the Palestinian people? ”
    I am sorry Israelis missed you, would not be a big loss if you had been included in the above “millions”.

  47. Moise, thanks for proving that you anti-Semites always lie to gave an excuse to hate…Lenin did NOT have a Jewish mother! And Fakestinians/Arabs did not welcome Jews from Europe. There was no Palestinian Arab nation ever, Jews, Christians, and ALSO Muslims who lived on the land called Palestine, a name given by the Greeks/Romans, were ALL called Palestinians. There never was a Palestinian government, Jew won independence from Britain. Arabs in Chevron and in the Arab quarter in Jerusalem are living on land owned by Jews in the early 20th century. Arabs are invaders from the Arabian peninsula and they have no right attacking Jews in their own land ( or anywhere for that matter.)

    Your tall tales and lies do not create facts and it does not change history.

  48. “only the extremes are logical but they are absurd”

    Miss pH
    sorry to inform you
    Although Moshe is very extreme in his opinions
    for the most part he is more right than you
    I know this is not what you get from your standard text but unfortunately the unpalatable facts are more like him than we wish to admit
    although he takes it to a ruthless extreme

    Either way there’s no need to give in
    keep on dishing it out

  49. Philospher and Moishe, most of the Bolshevist were Jewish as was the majority of the Politburo. But most importantly the leaders were Jewish. The heads of the NKVD, the ones who set up the Gulag, were Jewish. I’m talking about Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda and Nikolai Yezhov. You want to say that thousands of gentile Russian military people were involved with the Gulags? But Jewish told them what to do. Jews invented the idea. Secular apostate Jews. If not for the secular Jews misapplying their energies, the Russian gentiles would have been farming or drinking in the tavern. The person behind the Ukrainian famine was Jewish: Lazar Kagonovitch. That man killed my grandmother’s family. Hitler never got to them because Kaganovtich killed them first.

  50. It is time for truth, indeed it is time for it! You think you are attacking the secularists, but your outrageous untrue statements actually an attack on Klal Yisroel! You and your ilk sound like the Nazis.
    JNN10, a small,but an extremely important lesson in the history of Communist Russia: if not for

  51. JNN10, my point was that History repeats itself. When GD-less Torah hating “Jews” seek leadership of any country in golus usually nothing good comes out of it. Substitute Chuck Schumer, Nadler, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff and Ruth Bader Ginsburg with the names of Leon Trotsky, Grigory Zinoviev, Uritsky and Bukharin you get the ugly picture. BTW: Nikolai Yezhov was a goy.

  52. JNN10, absolutely wrong. Just learn Russian history and you’ll see that Russians know how to kill well without Jews telling them what to do…They we’re never “just farming or drinking in taverns…” Up until Communism took over, the Russians were constantly comminting progroms against Jews. They we’re always warring between each other and with others ( think Tartars, Cossaks, etc.) and with every war they murdered innocent civilians, especially Jews. They don’t need Jews to teach them how to kill. The ORIGINAL leaders of the Bolsheviks were Jewish, but they did not go on killing sprees, that’s a lie. They only killed the Czar and his family . The Jewish founders of the Bolshevik’s goal WAS equality. It was when Lenin took over the party when mass murders took place and the gulags were set up. The reason the Bolsheviks were successful in the early stages was because their message of equality resonated with the average Russian citizens. The thousands, and later millions, of Russians who willingly adopted the Communist ideoligy, because they were opressed by the Czar, is the only reason Jews were successful in selling their ideas.

    And yes, there were a few Jewish INDIVIDUALS involved in setting up gulags and in murders, but they were in no way the ONLY ones responsible. Today people are only pointing them out because they were Jews, but without the MANY, MANY more Russians being in just as powerful positions, and commiting even more crimes, the few evil Jewish individuals would never have the capabilities to commit the evil they did.

  53. Many people here are confused and think Jews in Russia held so much power that they can control Russians and commit the evil that they did. Absolutely not. The millions of anti-Semitic Russians did not go from murdering Jews in progroms up until the early 20th century to being Jews’ puppets. The reason why the few Jewish individuals we’re able to do the evil they did was because the Russians in power wanted them to do so, that is the only reason they were in the Communist party and in leadership positions.

  54. Nobody should argue with Moise, He is not even Jewish and most likely is a Nazi or Jihadi (mabe be both) who is trolling on this forum. In his previous comments he even said that we are guilty of murdering yoshka.

  55. philosopher, i suggest you give up your philosophy and start with reading real history. Make trip to your local library, i am sure they have plenty of books on the subject. You show your intellectual laziness by simply dismissing historical facts as a Nazi propaganda. I do not know where you are getting your “history” from but JNN10 is 100% correct.

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