Satmar Rabbonim In Europe Praise Anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn, Tell Him “Thank You”


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Jeremy Corbyn of the UK Labour Party has a long track-record of being an anti-Semite, and the UK Jewish community is concerned with the upcoming elections. In light of that, UK Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis spoke out against Corbyn just two days ago. Rabbi Mirvis said that “the overwhelming majority of British Jews are gripped by anxiety”, and warned against voting for the Labour Party.

In response, the Archbishop of the UK threw his support behind Rabbi Mirvis as well as the Muslim and Hindu community leaders.

Corbyn was then given a chance to apologize to the Jewish community in an interview on the BBC on Tuesday. Corbyn refused to apologize to the Jewish community SIX TIMES during that interview.

Despite all of this, on Wednesday, the organization “United European Jews” wrote a letter of support to Corbyn. The letter is signed by Rabbi Meyer Weinberger, a Satmar Dayan.

Not only does Rabbi Weinberger defend Corbyn for his support of the British Jewish community, but actually thanks him.

Someone might want to let Rabbi Weinberger know that among his many acts of hate, Corbyn met with the mastermind of the Har Nof Massacre. Perhaps Rabbi Weinberger does not consider that a “massacre” since it was carried out by a Palestinian in the name of fighting Zionism, and so it doesn’t matter that Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg HY”D, 50, Rabbi Moshe Twersky HY”D, 59, Rabbi Kalman Levine HY”D, 50, and Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky HY”D, 40, were all hacked to death with axes by two PFLP terrorists while they were davening Shachris. Corbyn has never apologized for meeting with the murderous mastermind, yet Rabbi Weinberger “thanked” Corbyn today.

Here are parts of the letter:

“I write to you on behalf of the Executive Board of the United European Jews organisation regarding an unusually disturbing declaration that was today reported in the media claiming that the overwhelming majority of British Jews are “gripped by anxiety” at the prospect of a Labour victory in the forthcoming general election.

Please not that we totally reject and condemn in no uncertain terms these remarks, which does not represent the views of the mainstream chareidi Jews that live in the UK.

We believe that such assertions are due to propaganda with a political and ideological agenda. An agenda which, I might add, is diametrically opposed to fundamental Jewish values as well as the opinions of tens of thousands of Jews in our community.

At this time, we also relay our gratefulness for your numerous acts of solidarity with the Jewish community over many years and also welcome your assurances that Labour will do everything necessary to defend the Jewish way of life and protect our rights to practice our religion.

For all this, we take this opportunity to say: Thank you! Mr. Corbyn.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I am outraged that the State of Israel let the leader of the Satmars in to upend traffic. we should say Hallel when he leaves. he should stay in Ramallah or Gaza with his fellow-travelers.

  2. As I keep on saying, anti-Zionism is a new religion and a corrupt way of trying to express l’shem shomayim. The thought of destroying Israel trumps everything, including the safety of other Jews. It’s a total obsession.

  3. What he’s saying is that, like Corbyn, he only cares that British Jews are not attacked.
    Neither of them cares whether Israeli Jews are attacked and killed.

  4. The original Satmar Rav, Rav Yoel, ZT”L, is quoted as having said that anyone who says he’s anti-Zionist but not antisemitic is either Satmar or an antisemite.

    How far this once princilped Chasidus has fallen…

    an Israeli Yid

  5. ‘ most chareidi Jews there have not the faintest idea of when Corbyn has been anti semitic (besides being anti zionist which admittedly makes one uncomfortable with the prospect of his winning) and therefore most people will stay put if corbyn wins,’

  6. YWN is, as usual for these topics, missing the point. Of course Rabbi Weinberg is horrified by the Har Nof massacre, etc.

    Rabbi Weinberg is doing damage control for what the British Chief Rabbi has done in publicly condemning Mr. Corbyn. Yes, damage control.

    In galus (including in E”Y), we don’t protest against/condemn the goyim unless they are threatening the Torah/shmad. Like, for example, when we said Tehillim in Manhattan a few years ago when the Zionists threatened to shmad the yeshiva boys by conscripting them into their shmad army. So we davened that Hashem stop the Zionists from implementing that shmad.

    But we are supposed to be good Jews and loyal citizens of our country of residence, not publicly condemn goyim in power over “anti-semitism” (real or imagined).

  7. While I am no friend of Corbyn ym”s what they are doing is nothing more than an antidote to the unwise anti-labor publicity in the Jewish media and by the Chief Rabbi.
    Chazal taught us to keep low profile in politics!
    How will Corbyn react once he does choliloh get elected? And perhaps worse if he doesn’t and he and his supporters will blame the Jews? Hashem Yishmrenu!
    He gave us a foretaste of that; refusing to apologise for all the Antisemitism in his party, which is like saying: “I don’t care anymore about the Jews, they hate me whatever I am saying and doing. They are not going to vote for me anyway, so at least I am not going to antagonise my antisemitic supporters…”
    The behavior of the JC and the Chief Rabbi is nothing but extremely dangerous!

  8. I must say the headline is distasteful at best, I know Jeremy Corybn personally and can attest to the fact that he is not an anti Semite, to the contrary he is a strong Oihev Yisroel.

    We are in Golos and a Chief Rabbi should not be fighting with the future prime minister as this will rebound on all Charedi Jews.

    We must stand together and not allow individuals to use their position and status to promote one political party and call the other AntiSemites.

  9. I’m no fan of Satmar, have no doubt that Corbyn is an anti-Semite, and would not have sent this letter.

    Even so, I’m not sure that sending it is wrong to do. The bottom line is, there is a major risk of Corbyn getting elected (this letter won’t help his chances). That being the case telling him we want to be your friend and appreciate your efforts and promises to Jewish citizens of England is certainly has a better chance of being helpful than wall to wall hostility.

  10. Hakatan and DovidtheKanoi, you must really be naive if you think licking the boots of this anti-Semite will make him less of an anti-Semite…How dare people minimize the potential of danger when cozying up to our enemies who call for the blood of our people because of selfish consideration that these Jew-haters should treat them better…This reminds me of kapo type of behavior where Jews licked the boots of our enemies so they themselves could get better treatment…. This behavior actually causes us more enemies because when non-Jews see how little Jews care for one another, why should they care about Jews?!

    This is absolutely disgusting and abhorrent behavior!

  11. I personally know Rabbi Weinberger, and HE DOES NOT AT ALL REPRESENT SATMAR! Mr./ Rabbi Yair Hoffman you and I know this! However I do agree with the previous commentator who said BOTH SIDES ARE WRONG! CHAZAL tell us Al Tisvada Loroshis! Yidden should stay out of it!

  12. Satmar [=St. Mary] and Naturei Karta are 2 interchangeable words:- Both Halachically יצא מכלל עמיתיך; Hence no Mitzwah to financially support them nor extend any other perks ordinarily extended to Bona Fide Yehudim.

  13. Prior to the Shoah and even after the roundups had begun, there were still yiiden in parts of Europe who continued to rationalize what was happening in Germany and refused to speak out against Hitler because they claimed it would only anger Germany and make things worse. Reading some analogous comments above that “were are in galus and should remain silent about the anti-Semites” is truly shameful.

  14. Wow all you Satmar bashers. I wish you would hate Zionists as much as you all hate Satmar.
    Mayer Weinberger is NOT a representative of Satmar. Im not saying he doesn’t know what he’s talking but In any case, we here in America shld shush up and let the London people go about their lives. This rhetoric only antisemites.

  15. That Satmar, NK, and their followers view mortal enemies of Jews as friends no longer disturbs me. I’m numb to their ignorance. But that they proclaim their psychopathic fringe movements as the only “authentic” mainstream orthodox with complete disregard for most of klall Yisrael and our gedolim is just brazen arrogance, to a nauseating degree.

  16. I don’t want to speak Lushon Hura, but it’s important to set the record straight. Meyer Weinberger is a feebleminded yingerman, a tumim, gullible to whatever you tell him. He doesn’t talk to most of his family, due to a hotzuas shem ra orchestrated by the KJ-Satmar faction that he believed in, in one of the worst, harrowing episodes to happen in Satmar. He’s not a dayan, but is a gabbai in the Hisachdus Avreichim of the breakaway KJ-affiliated group in Antwerp.

    Even if one agrees with this group, he should be outraged how unprofessional and sloppy they are. They issued a letter with a non-working number on it, and an address that is a bakery. The signer is not from the UK. This ends up just boomeranging against Corbyn and his party, who are accused of spreading a forgery. They are just causing a chilul hashem from all angles. I’m sure Labor is now unhappy with their support. However, to this group, the main think is to say something and be in the news, notwithstanding the consequences, especially now when they are just lose that the main Satmar Rebbe had so much coverage (if they want it, let them also spend some money to help other mosdos).

    Bottom line, this letter is a result from a silly group, that is on letterhead also. It was noted that the same phone number appears on Kol Hachinch, a pamphlet attacking Satmar each week that they are not extreme enough in the battle against the chinuch. This is an outcast group, and nothing with Satmar.

  17. Corbyn is a official Anti-Semite and no one can argue that, he might say the correct political things to cover up his screwed agenda, but the facts are clear.
    He wants to win a political race so we need to stick together and vote against him and what Satmar have done is nothing but pure Sinat Chinam for the jewish people.
    We need to fight these so called Rabbis and make sure they get kicked out of our communities to save ourselves.
    Am Yisroel Chai

  18. Oh, and “speaking out against Hitler” y”sh would have helped? How, precisely?
    The leaders of the free world were determined to let the Jews die in the Holocaust and public protest only embarrassed them and encouraged them to hasten the departure of the “inconvenient Jews.”
    Bring one example from anywhere, anytime, when public protests against prominent anti-Semites in positions of real power had a positive effect.

  19. My opinion. He sent a letter asking for assurances of support. the thank you was just a bare minimum and necessary part of the letter. I think it was carefully written. Corbyn might win. A Jew must be careful.

  20. Gadolhador
    If you know a little history you’d know that the Holocaust was not a normal event by any means.
    Before the Holocaust there was 1000 years of shtadlonus where people would meet with and yes even praise sometimes anti Semitic Czars and leaders with positive results. You can’t throw common sense into the trash because it didn’t work with one devil named Hitler.

  21. The israellycool web site presents a detailed analysis of the letter and makes a very cogent argument that the names are faked. Also, the web site writes that the phone number at the bottom of the letter does not exist and the web site of the alleged organization was first registered only this year and by someone anonymous.

  22. One need not be a Zionist to recognize that the support of terror and murder of Jews is fundamentally evil. Those who offer such support cannot possibly be mizerah Yisroel, and their ancestry must be questioned. This extent of hatred goes far beyond a belief system. That is something deserving of inclusion in our daily tefilos – when we recite וכל הרשעה כרגע תאבד. Yes, I include all forms of terror, and all forms of support of that, even if it emanates from “Jews”.

    Some comments suggest that this letter represents no one really respected, and if so, this should be widely publicized and condemned.

  23. How comical. The real antisemites as; Netanyahu, Lieberman, Lapid Gantz & the likes were NEVER ostracized by you Satmar bashers here cuz it “may sound off”. Say it the way it is; Zionism is an antisemitic movement that was founded to ultimately destroy yidishkeit. All you Zionist lovers and Satmar haters embrace them. They all want to destroy your “pintele yid”. Thats what the founders based Zionism on. Go read their despicable quotes. Whatta corrupt world we live in.
    Jewish people hating their own brothers is way worse than a goy thats allegedly an antisemite.
    The Satnar Rav Zatzal NEVER attacked a person how u guys are attacking Anti Zionist people. He embraced and gave money to big foul mouthed Zionists. If u all wld have it your way, you would literally strangle an anti Zionist, cuz he believes that “ State if Israel” is assur as our holy co Torah does. You all go merryieng around and attack The London people and Corbyn to feel good about Zionism. We all know ur intentions. You love Zionism and are full of it. Wont fall for all the garbage spewed here.
    Our Jewish people are the worst antisemites.

  24. To all those spouting Satmar nareshkeit about “Zionism”, get over it. EY exists and is not going away nor will it voluntarily dismantle itself and be integrated into Jordan or be subordinated into a new Palestinian state. The Satmar in EY seemed to have accepted that reality and have learned how to function within the reality of a Zionist State and maintain their principles. They never have directly put the security of the medinah at risk in the same way as the NK or some of the clowns in Europe who somehow believe it would be fine for Yidden in the UK to live under a Corbyn government.

  25. > Miriam

    “The Satnar Rav Zatzal …”

    Leaving aside the typo, just what is the connection between someone who passed away more than 40 years ago and the author(s) of this letter?

  26. @Miriam
    SO SO TRUE!!! VERY well said!
    All the hypocrite’s Satmar bashers here, supposedly love all jews, they love all the Zioniztz that are out to destroy Yiddishkeit and its Torah. that’s what Zionism was created for! all of you go read a little what Ben Gurion Ym”s, Hetzel Ym”s said about Hashem and His Torah,
    Love for a movement that turned away millions of jews from Hashem and his Torah, and Hate for Satmar, funny but sad…

  27. >georgeg

    > Miriam

    “The Satnar Rav Zatzal …”

    Leaving aside the typo, just what is the connection between someone who passed away more than 40 years ago and the author(s) of this letter?

    Well then maybe you can explain why his name is constantly mentioned by the Bashers?

  28. Perhaps you can describe where exactly you saw the word Satmar on the letter before you curse an entire community of tens of thousands of Jews based on one persons actions. Why stop by Satmar, maybe it’s all the Chasidim or perhaps even the entire orthodox Jewish Community???
    Perhaps you can also describe the connection between a cordial letter to the possible future Prime Minister and believing that it’s a Mitzva to kill Yidden?

  29. dorah:
    Of course “E”Y” exists. But, liHavdil, Zionism and the Zionist entity will eventually join the eigel and other idols in the dustbin of history. That much is absolutely certain. The only question is when, may it be (peacefully) immediately.

    You also still miss the whole point with Mr. Corbyn. Throughout history, we have always been respectful to the ruling goyim, as others have pointed out above. Incidentally, we will soon be reading Parshas VaYishlach, which is the source for this.

    The Zionists did exactly the opposite in WW II (yes, if that doesn’t make sense to you then you might wish to read up on your history) and have continued to do so, not to mention the Zionists’ other treacheries in WW II, which would explain partly why WW II is not illustrative of the normative galus experience.

    Let’s be very clear about this matter. The British “Chief Rabbi”, who studied in “Religious Zionist” institutions in Israel, was very likely following Zionism, not Judaism, when he issued his letter against Mr. Corbyn. B”H, some Jews, following Judaism, protested and did what the Torah advises, instead of what Zionism advises.

  30. To all those defending the fool who sent the letter by quoting the Satmar Rav, ZT”L’s position on Zionism – none of you seem to have addressed the quote from him that I mentioned earlier about his attitude to non-Jewish anti-Zionists. In case you missed it, I’ll state it here again:

    “Anyone who says he’s anti-Zionist but not antisemitic is either Satmar – or an antisemite.”

    I leave it to you to decide which of these Jeremy Corbyn is.

    an Israeli Yid

  31. anIsraeliYid
    November 27, 2019 4:09 pm at 4:09 pm
    The original Satmar Rav, Rav Yoel, ZT”L, is quoted as having said that anyone who says he’s anti-Zionist but not antisemitic is either Satmar or an antisemite.

    How far this once princilped Chasidus has fallen…

    an Israeli Yid

    Right. And Abraham Lincoln is quoted as having said that not everything you see on the internet should be believed.

  32. From Wikipedia
    “In August 2015, dozens of prominent Jewish activists signed an open letter criticising the paper (the jewish choronicle) for what they viewed as its “character assassination” of Corbyn. They wrote: “Your assertion that your attack on Jeremy Corbyn is supported by ‘the vast majority of British Jews’ is without foundation. We do not accept that you speak on behalf of progressive Jews in this country. You speak only for Jews who support Israel, right or wrong.” They continued, “There is something deeply unpleasant and dishonest about your McCarthyite guilt by association technique. Jeremy Corbyn’s parliamentary record over 32 years has consistently opposed all racism including antisemitism.” Signatories to the letter included Laurence Dreyfus, Selma James, Miriam Margolyes, Ilan Pappé, Michael Rosen and Avi Shlaim.