Ten Exercises for College Students


2020 is just around the corner folks. Students must have already decided their New Year’s Resolution. Some might wish to have a better schedule while others might want to score better grades, but what about staying fit and active?

Usually, a student is under a lot of stress and pressure of studies. It leaves him with almost no time to work out and improve their physical health. Honestly, in my view, a student will do well both physically and academically if they take care of their bodies. So, here are ten simple exercises which are going to keep you fit and active. The best part is these don’t require a lot of time and effort. You can easily do them in your dorm. So, students, take a little break and get fit and stay healthy. 

Now, let’s get started and take a look at what these exercises are. 

 Jumping Jacks

Sarah, who offers online assignment help Australia says that while she was a student, her go-to workout was jumping jacks. It is undoubtedly the best form of cardio and is also easy to do. Irrespective of your fitness level, it is a great way to get into exercising.

For this exercise, you need to stand stationary with both your feet together. Then take a jump. When you jump, simultaneously raise your arms. With that, you successfully did a jumping jack.

 High Knees

Another fun workout that college students can do is high knees. In it, you have to do what the name suggests, i.e. do high knee raises. 

For this exercise, you have to start in a stationary position with both your feet together. After that, you have to raise your knees to your chest alternatively. Do it as fast as you can for about 5 minutes. 

Butt Kickers

Austin, who offers statistics homework help online, says that his favourite stretching workout was butt kickers. In butt kickers, you have to do right as the name suggests.

For this exercise, you have to do leg raises just like in the high knees. However, here, instead of bringing your knees to your chest, you have to bend it backwards. Position your legs in a way that you are trying to ‘kick’ your butt.


There are many ways to do lunges. Lunges can be done either in the front or on the side. Alizeh, who offers online do my essay services, says that lunges are the best way to improve leg strength.

For this exercise, you have to first stand in a stationary position and then lunge in a certain direction. Alternatively, you have to lunge both your legs. Do it 10-15 times for both the legs. 


Another powerful workout that all of us must do is squats. It is the perfect way to tone your butt and define your legs. Though squats may look easy, you have to do it right. For this exercise, you need to first stand straight in a stationary position. Now, go down in squatting position. You should have a reasonable gap between your thighs and legs. As you progress, you can add a little weight while squatting. 

 Mountain Climbers

To get your heart racing and work on your core, you must try mountain climbing. 

For this workout, you need to start in a push-up position. Then swiftly move your legs in a climbing position. Do it quickly, with alternate legs.


Sunanina who works with PaperDoers, suggests, that plank is a workout that strengthens your core 100%. You can do planks in several ways. Start with the traditional plank and as you progress, add side plank to your regime. Based on how long you can hold, modify the plank position. The longer you hold, the stronger will be your core.  

 Leg raises 

Leg raises are quite easy to do. You can begin by lying down straight on a floor. Then slowly lift both your legs together to engage your abs and core. Keep going inward while keeping your toes pointed. After about half a minute, place your legs back on the floor. Throughout the leg raises, you have to keep your legs joint together. Ensure that you have a full grip over your legs.  


Meisha who offers online project management courses says that crunches are a great way to work on your abdominal muscles. With time, you can advance your workout and try various types of crunches. Engage your core to get clean crisp abs. In crunches, it is always the quality over quantity.

Calf Raises

Amaira who did an excellent SEMRush review online states, that though calf raises are easy to do, it is a great way to tone your legs. The best thing about calf raises is it can be done, anytime, anywhere. However, do not be too fast and try having a full grip over your calves and legs. 

 A little tip: Before you perform these exercises, do a little warmup stretching or jogging. Also, after you are done working out, do a two to three minute of the cool-down exercise.

 A workout of half an hour, every day is sufficient to keep you fit and active. So, these are the top ten simple and easy to do exercise that all college students must do regularly. If you have more to add to the list, do let us know about them in the comment section below.

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