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VIDEO: Why We Learn Volume 1: What If I Don’t Remember What I’ve Learned

The Siyum Presents: Why We Learn Volume 1: What if I Don’t Remember What I’ve Learned?

Don’t remember everything? You’re still a changed man!

You take the time to learn The Daf every day, dedicating both precious time and concentration. Still, come a day or two later, you have already forgotten much, even most, of what you’ve learned. This feeling is familiar to some Daf Yomi learners and often leads them to question themselves: What am I gaining?

Certainly, working to review and retain what you’ve learned is a most worthwhile goal. However, even if you find limitations in working towards that goal, don’t despair. Every word that you’ve learned is a mitzvah. Every word that you’ve learned made an indelible impression upon you, your neshamah and all those around you. And you remember a lot more than you think.

Among the most unique attributes of the Daf Yomi revolution, spearheaded by Agudath Israel over nearly a century, is that this limud is tailored for everyone – even those with a limited ability to learn. But no yid who learns The Daf is still the same as he was before he learned The Daf.

Countless words of Torah learned on a daily basis elevate a yid. The dedication and kvius of the learning are invaluable on their own. Even if some sugyos are not remembered well, their words and concepts are no doubt more familiar than they were beforehand. The sugyos and concepts are typically repeated at various points of Shas, essentially including chazarah in even a single learning of Shas.

“Moshe Rabbeinu had the same problem; he forgot his learning every day,” explains Rabbi Eliyahu Meir Klugman, Rav of Bais Medrash Torah U’Tefillah. “But he did what he was able to and Hashem gave [the Torah] to him!”

When over 350,000 yidden worldwide will iy”H celebrate the Siyum HaShas of Daf Yomi together, the celebration will be immeasurable: So much Torah learning, so much elevation, so much thirsting for the dvar Hashem… Just as with the mesaymim, no one at The Siyum will walk out the same…

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