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By now is anyone still surprised? Probably not. But the three members of “The Squad” have finally come clean and showed the world exactly who they really are.

Let’s start with most damning of the three and focus on the outrageous tweet by Palestinian Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib who incredibly blamed “white supremacy” for the terror attack in Jersey City.

In the now deleted tweet, Tlaib wrote “This is heartbreaking. White supremacy kills”.

Making her reckless and disgraceful post even worse, after  being called out and deleting it, the Michigan Congresswoman never issued a correction or clarification, but simply went back to business as usual and ignored the whole incident as if it never happened. One can surmise that once she realized the attack no longer fits her skewed white supremacist narrative but was really  orchestrated by black supremacists, the two dead jews, a hero detective and a hard working Ecuadorian immigrant,  were no longer worthy of Tlaib’s sympathy or respect. Sick and telling. Where is her shame? Where is her heart? She owes an explanation.

Why is the brazen murder of innocent people only ‘heartbreaking’ when she can blame white supremacists and yet completely ignored by her when the facts reveal a far different story?‎

Tlaib deserves every ounce of scorn and ridicule she and her enablers receive. Outrage aside, she has been exposed as a fraud.

Talking about ridicule and a fraud, anyone hear from her sidekick “AOC”?

Not a word.‎ Of course.

The only time AOC mentioned “anti-semitism” this week, was in calling President Trump an “atrocious anti-semite”. Is it possible the self styled voice of her generation simply missed the full scale assault on a Jewish grocery story in neighboring New Jersey? Yeh right. Her silence is just further confirmation that AOC is a selfish publicity seeker with no moral compass.

Which lastly brings us to Rep. Ilhan Omar who never fails to disappoint her critics. As you expected, complete radio silence on the entire disaster. Guess it didn’t happen on the West Bank so no comments required.

So let’s call it the way it is, the three members of “The Squad” are nothing less than empty agenda driven mouth pieces. ‎There I said it. Empty suits or skirts. But what’s worse is their overwhelming hypocrisy and indifference during this terrible time of crisis. But this time it’s not just the indifference of Jews, but of law enforcement and a bonafide hard working immigrant that doesn’t raise her needle one iota.

Jews are living in sad and disturbing times for sure. The actions or inactions of these three members of Congress will be remembered long after they are gone from office. But we must remember those politicians on the left who failed to condemn their divisive behavior and we must never forget those ‘Jewish’ organizations and leaders who lacked the spine and conviction to call out their unprecedented bigotry and hatred of Jews and America especially in such dangerous and uncertain times.

These three members of “The Squad” are nothing less than blatant anti-semites, anti-police, and dare I say it – anti-immigrant!

It’s sad that it took an atrocity like this to finally see this clearly.

Yerachmiel Katz – NYC

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  1. i am no more fond of these complete hypocrites than anyone else. But the media is not doing what they need to do, and i include YWN and other frum sites. We need to give our push to insure that these evil people get voted out of office. We need to identify potential candidates to face off against them in their districts and send these Squad members (and many others like them) into early retirement.

  2. “This is outright and atrocious antisemitism coming from the President, and it is dangerous.”

    And this imbecilic, evil loserette’s endorsement of Corbyn? Full of love for Jews…..

  3. It is shocking that these overt Anti-Semites have not yet been forcibly removed from office. They do not represent the people and go against the very essence of being an American lawmaker. Sad!

  4. republican, democrat, it’s all shtus. no one cares about us, and if you think trump cares about yidden, he only cares about the erev rav controlled state of israel. so don’t fool yourself