Trump To Address Party Leaders Amid Impeachment, Reelection


President Donald Trump is set to address his party’s leadership Thursday to rally their support amid impeachment and a trying reelection fight.

The 168-member Republican National Committee is holding its winter meeting at Trump’s golf resort outside Miami.

The GOP’s governing body last year pledged its “undivided support” for Trump. In an extraordinary move in October, as Democrats moved forward with the impeachment probe, the RNC said it “now more than ever wholeheartedly supports President Trump.”

Trump’s campaign and the RNC have functionally become a one entity as they prepare for the 2020 campaign, with Trump, who eschewed a field and data operation in 2016, embracing and expanding on the national party’s existing structure this time around.



  1. Better idea for the degenerate corrupt adulterer, instead of addressing your adoring supporters, go to your trial, take an oath and testify. There’s a better chance that we’ll see his tax returns than that happening.

  2. Trump has a secret weapon: he is running against the Democrats. It cancels out his rude tweets. And it helps that his policies have been a success, alienating only rich liberals and helping the working class that gave him his last victory. Of course there is a danger the Democrats will get their act together, become mentchlik, respect the of rights of others, give up their militant secularism and go back to being the sort of party they were 50 years ago. But I wouldn’t count on itl