SOTU HIGHLIGHTS: Trump Refuses Pelosi Handshake, Honors Rush Limbaugh With Medal Of Freedom; Pelosi Shreds Transcript [VIDEOS]


Stepping to the dais in extraordinary times, President Donald Trump on Tuesday delivered his State of the Union address on the eve of his likely impeachment acquittal and in the aftermath of the chaotic first votes of the race to replace him.

The first president to run for reelection after being impeached, Trump used his nationally-televised speech to lay out his record as the rationale for a second term amid suspense about whether he would address the charges against him.


At the start of the State of the Union address Tuesday it appeared that Pelosi extended her hand to Trump, a gesture amid the divisive impeachment proceedings.

The president was presenting folios to Pelosi and Vice President Mike Pence as he arrived for the evening speech when it appears she reached for the shake. At the same time, Trump turned away from her to face the audience of lawmakers gathered for the annual address.

Pelosi gave a look.

The speaker led House Democrats in impeaching Trump last month on charges he abused power and obstructed Congress in the Ukraine matter. The Senate is poised to acquit him Wednesday of the two articles of impeachment.


Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor.

President Donald Trump announced the award during his State of the Union address Tuesday night. First lady Melania Trump presented the award to Limbaugh. The two sat next to each other in the House visitors’ gallery. A bearded Limbaugh stood and saluted President Trump as the award was announced.

Limbaugh, a staunch Trump supporter, announced Monday that he is battling advanced lung cancer.

Trump said the diagnosis was not good news, but added: “What is good news is that he is the greatest fighter and winner that you will ever meet.″

Trump thanked Limbaugh for “decades of tireless devotion to our country” and said the award recognized the millions of people a day Limbaugh speaks to and inspires, as well as his charity work.


No sooner did President Donald Trump finish his State of the Union address then House Speaker Pelosi ripped it in two. Right there, on the dais behind him.

Trump was barely done, turning to greet the crowd of lawmakers Tuesday night, when Pelosi, without a moment’s delay, turned the papers in her hand.

And she ripped.

And then she took some more pages.

And she ripped again.

Asked by ABC why she did that she said because it was “a courteous thing to do considering the alternative. It was such a dirty speech.”


Among the made-for-TV moments in President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech: The military husband of one of Trump’s guests returned home from deployment and surprised his family.

Amy Williams, from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was in attendance Tuesday night with her two children, 6-year-old Elliana and 3-year-old Rowan. Trump told the crowd that Williams works full time and volunteers helping military families. Over the past seven months, her husband, Sgt. 1st Class Townsend Williams has been deployed to Afghanistan, his fourth trip to the Middle East.

Trump thanked her, then told her he had a surprise: Her husband had returned from deployment and was at the Capitol. Sgt. Williams walked down the stairs in his uniform to greet a shocked Amy Williams, and he hugged his children. He then hugged his wife.



  1. Pelosi is a no class machasheifa whose botoxed face makes every expression look like a grimace. Her tearing up the speech was the ultimate move of a LOSER which come 2020 her party will go down in history as the biggest losers of all time iy”H. Fly away on your broomstick Plastic Faced Pelosi and take all your America hating followers with you!!! TRUMP 2020!!!

  2. She extended her hand as a courtesy to the Office (not to him personally) when he arrived in the House Chamber to deliver the speech. He just ignored her and proceeded to make a highly partisan speech which made no pretense of the “unifying themes” the WH had advanced the report today. Perhaps had she followed the advice of her more “progressive” members and extended a single finger rather than her full hand, it would have validated the Republican theory that all the Dems “hate” the President.
    Courtesy and civility extend BOTH ways.

  3. Pelosi is a first class nut case. Dividing the USA is her first priority.

    Poople who have deep hatred of others can NOT think straight……

  4. It was literally comical to watch her face. It looked like she was having a stroke every time Trump was saying something she didn’t like (everything). I thought his speech was brilliant and really highlighted how much better off America is with him as president. I also thought Pence looked very presidential and Nancy very juvenile.

  5. Being rude in public plays well to a base, and alienates everyone else. It certainly helped (or at least didn’t hurt) Trump. If both parties adopt it as their modus operandi, there will be an opening for a third party based on good midos, mentchlikeit and derech ertetz.

  6. Pelosi:- Utter shame upon you!! for tearing up a wonderful speech. Go back to San Franciso, and tear up all these slums just 1 mile from your headquarters, and do something useful with your life.
    Why haven’t you used your time in the senate to do something useful?? instead of making yourself so infamous with a fake impeachment.

  7. Senile Nancy ripped SOTU speech behind President’s back, she tore the speech that honored ordinary American heroes. This video clip should make perfect Republican campaign add for 2020.

  8. Fekehadorah, Trump dd not snub Senile Nancy, look carefully at the clip. He just handed her the speech without looking at her. He even did not shake Mike Pence’s hand. And it was Senile Nancy who was not respectful the president by not properly introducing him to SOTU.

  9. Trump continues to prove that he hasn’t got a clue as to the dignity and respect the office he occupies is based on, he is nothing more than a reality TV performer, at best.

  10. Today it would be perfectly appropriate for Republicans, after senate acquits Trump, to rip fraudulent articles of “impeachment” in form of the cameras for the whole world to see.

  11. Strange comments here. I don’t see Trump shaking Pences’ hand, so why would one expect him to shake her hand? Aside from that, it looks like Trump had already turned half away around before she stretched her hand out, and from all one can tell it could be she was expecting another file to be handed to her.

  12. @akuperma
    I dont think that is true. I think that manners [good middos and manners are two distincly different, and at times, contradictory, things] are a trained way of life that is seen to be effective, a sort of i dont hurt you you dont hurt me, or a scratch my back i’ll scratch yours.
    What it does lack is sincerity. However, benevolence and truth are respected.
    Hence, i find the well mannered [or so they claim] democrats to be particularly repulsive, being that they dont mean to be kind, therefore missing in both truth and benevolence. Trump, however, while I am no fan of his personality, at least says what he means. and therefore, in my opinion is the less slimy slug. in tat aspect he has the truth.
    [that is not at all to say trump doesnt lie, its seems quite clear that he does, the point is, his intentions and motivations are plain to see, while the cat feigns friendship].

  13. To all those complaining about Trump being rude:
    I did not watch the speech myself, but another web site claims that “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insulted The President by not introducing him as tradition demands” because she had left out the traditional introduction formula (which precedes anything Trump did or did not do) of having the “high privilege and distinct honor of presenting to you”.

  14. To Gadolhadorah
    How do you compare the two? Mr. Trump was harassed by this witch for 3 years. Why should he acknowledge her? In addition when she introduced the president she only said Mr. President and left out some additional titles which are traditionally said at the State of the Union. Ripping up the speech in front of the president was disgusting. She had no reason to do this except to pacify AOC and her cronies. I lost any respect I had for this Machshafa.

  15. TRUMP SNUBS THE HANDSHAKE calm down, doesn’t pelosi know that trumps from daughter is having an effect on him handshaking with women?
    Hey wait, who taught him this kind of conduct?
    Maybe pelosi should thank Elizabeth Warren for showing such a wonderful example.
    or maybe warren was just trying to be mekariv Bernie

  16. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insulted The President by not introducing him as tradition demands.
    “Members of Congress, the president of the United States,” Pelosi said, introducing Trump in front of the joint session of Congress.
    Previous House speakers have introduced the sitting commander in chief by saying they had the “high privilege and distinct honor of presenting to you the president of the United States.”
    The President knew he he had been insulted. He cannot be blamed for not shaking the hand of the person who had just spit in his face.

    I’m sure GadolHatorah(?) or any of the other leftist imbeciles wouldn’t shake hands with anyone else on this forum that disagree with them.

  17. TRUMP SNUBS THE HANDSHAKE calm down, doesn’t pelosi know that trumps frum daughter is having an effect on him, handshaking with women?

    Hey wait, who taught him this kind of conduct?
    Maybe pelosi should thank Elizabeth Warren for showing such a wonderful example by refusing Bernie’s handshake.
    Maybe Sanders should rip warren’s next speech, the what dems do.

    maybe we can be melamed zechus on warren. She was trying to remind Bernie that his ancesters were Jewish

  18. “isn’t there a law against this, like treason or something?
    No. The fact that the Trumpkopf accuses anyone who disagrees with him of “treason” displays the same ignorance he has about almost all other legal and constitutional norms. Treason has a very clear definition under law and relates to a material act of betrayal to the country during time of war or providing comfort to an enemy. In dictatorships such as China, North Korea, Iran, and Turkey, despots have their political opponents and critical journalists arrested and charged with “treason”. In the U.S. it is NOT against the law to show total contempt for a President who lies, engages in vulgar and demeaning behavior and violates just about every norm of civil discourse. I’m not sure its a winning strategy for the Dems to get down into the muck with Trump but I’m surprised that any YWN reader would somehow think its “against the law’.

  19. You left out a CRITICAL part of the story. It started not with President Trump ignoring her hand, but with NANCY SLIGHTING HIM THROUGH HER ANNOUCEMENT OF HIS ARRIVAL. SHE IGNORED PRECEDENT IN WHAT SHE SAID AND DIDNT SAY.

    NANCY should resign for being a disgusting political hack at a time when America needs healing!

  20. GH:

    Pardon, your ignorance is showing.

    I viewed the clip several times, and Trump did not slight her. The handshake was not any part of the process. He did not shake Pence’s hand, and had already turned toward the podium when she extended her hand. Not slight there.

    Next, the speech was not partisan at all. Yes, any president takes credit for accomplishments, and they should. He gave appropriate credit to the houses of Congress for what they did. There was much time invested in honoring others, as you would have heard had you allowed yourself to see the event in any true light. He repeatedly asked to work with the Legislative branch in a bipartisan way. Pelosi never spoke like that since becoming speaker. Lastly, Trump can use the word treason whenever he likes. He is not using it in a legal sense, so referring to your legal dictionary is a futile exercise. He never engaged in a battle to destroy Pelosi. He only tried to do his job, and in stark contrast to pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, and the rest of the lying thugs, he actually accomplished a lot. He accomplished more in his first six weeks in office than Obama y”sh did in all 8 years.

    Don’t raise the subject of civility. There is a decorum for the event and location. She followed none of it. Her last gesture was disgusting to do in public, and she will receive the full brunt of deserved backlash. I hope she goes down in infamy as the most discourteous and partisan speaker in history, and I pray that we never be afflicted with such politicians in any office. No, I am not enamored with Trump’s style. But he has proven effective. Pelosi has not. AT the end of the day, you will have benefited personally from Trump’s actions more than from Pelosi’s.

  21. “It started not with President Trump ignoring her hand, but with NANCY SLIGHTING HIM THROUGH HER ANNOUCEMENT OF HIS ARRIVAL.”

    UNONMIM: Totally false. Just because the Trumpkopf lies, no reason for you to disrespect other posters by being “untruthful” about the sequence of events. If you go to the video of the SoU event (on C-Span, Fox News or any other online media that shared the pool camera feed), between 2.00 and 2.30 minutes into the video, you will see Trump arrive in the Senate chamber, walk down the aisle,
    walk up to the podium, take the two binders with copies of the speech and hand them to Pence and Pelosi. At that point, she extends her hand to him which he ignores. About a minute later, she introduces him as “the President of the United States” w/o the usual high honor/privilege stuff which came AFTER he snubbed her.
    If we were in a a schoolyard, one would say HE STARTED FIRST and be factually correct. Candidly, I wish they would ALL resign and we could start with a clean slate.