Urgent! Kol Koreh From All Lakewood Poskim and 6 Doctors


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by Rabbi Yair Hoffman


The Poskim signed were Rabbi Yaakov Forchheimer, Rabbi Shmuel Felder, Rabbi Shmuel Meir Katz, and Rabbi Osher Chaim Lieberman

The doctors were Dr. Jonathan Cohen, Dr. Shlomo Aharon Fenster, Dr. Dovid Friedman/Chemed, Dr. Chone Chaim Lebowith, Dr. Daniel Roth, Dr. Robert Shanik

  1. Do not travel to family for Pesach.  This applies to the 1st days, Chol HaMoed, and last days.  Any questions about your own individual situation, please speak to your doctor.
  2. Do not visit any public places whatsoever.  Do not visit parks and waterfronts over Chol HaMoed.
  3. Do not make any Yom Tov minyanim. This includes backyard minyanim.
  4. Keep any shopping trips to an absolute bare minimum – consolidate any shopping into as few trips as possible and observe full social distancing when going out.
  5. No celebrations or events may be held. There have been too many such events that WERE COMPLIANT with the law, and which still resulted in terrible Chillul Hashem.
  6. Do not make any fires for Sreifas Chometz – not public fires or private fires. To be mekayem mitzvas biur chometz this year, as per the guidelines of the BMG Poskim, dispose of a kzayis size piece through crumbling and flushing it away.

AN EARLIER release OF THE SAME DAY stated as follows:

  1. DO NOT TRAVEL ANYWHERE FOR PESACH – make Pesach in your own home. Do NOT go to parents, inlaws, children, friends or relatives.- even if they too live in Lakewood. Stay home. This applies even if you have been in quarantine for 14 days. This is a matter of absolute PIKUACH NEFESH.
  2. Do not travel out of Lakewood either – that is the same absolute PIKUACH NEFESH. Most Kehillos are NOT allowing any visitors, most states have legal travel restrictions and some will arrest people who travel out of state and who do not enter a BRAND NEW 14 day total quarantine (including keeping away from contact with family members) on arrival to the other state.

These restrictions apply totally to all out of town travel, with no exceptions

Rabbi Hoffman can be reached at [email protected]