WATCH: Heshy “ParkBuster” Tischler Interviewed On YWN Podcast


The latest episode of the Yeshiva World Podcast is now available – and it is really timely and a great listen.

Following his successful stunts of getting NYC parks reopened, Heshy the ParkBuster” Tischler is interviewed by Yaakov M. about what transpired the past few days, and what his plans are for the future.

Watch this exciting interview below!


  1. Tishler doesn’t understand that parks are open, only playgrounds are closed. Yesterday Governor Cuomo clearly stated that decisions on parks and playgrounds are up to the local authorities, not the governor.
    Social distancing and sanitizing of surfaces is very difficult with playgrounds.

  2. If you and the Frum representatives care so much about the children, why were you letting them in to the park on bicycles WITHOUT HELMETS!!!! I saw that video and did not see one helmet.