WATCH: Red Paint Dumped On “Black Lives Matter” Mural In Front Of Trump Tower


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The NYPD is investigating vandalism of the Black Lives Matter mural painted last week outside Trump Tower.

Just after Noon, a man threw red paint on the large, yellow letters, on Fifth Avenue in Midtown. The man dropped the paint can and then ran off on West 56th Street, according to police.

The mural between West 56th Steet and West 57th Street was painted over the course of five hours on Thursday with the help of dozens of people including Mayor Bill de Blasio, First Lady Chirlane McCray and the Rev. Al Sharpton.

President Donald Trump has slammed the idea on Twitter, calling the mural a “symbol of hate.”

De Blasio said he is committed to creating Black Lives Matter murals in each of New York City’s five boroughs.

Police describe the vandalism as criminal mischief.



  1. What’s the difference between throwing a red paint blotch on the street, and painting yellow letters on the street? Either putting paint on the street is legal, or it isn’t.

  2. What I dont understand is, Why is trump not playing along like putting up a HUGE sign on his tower All Lives Metter, when getting angry he just plays into the liberals.

  3. כן-ירבו they should keep lavishly lathering this block with all sorts of paint. If this kindergarten kid [de Blasio] could paint on the street, why shouldn’t other NYC taxpayers also be allowed to paint on the street?

  4. I’m sick and tired of all this blm garbage. I used to care but now I just don’t give a hoot. Send them to whatever African country they choose and let them bother their own. All Lives Matter except for Bums, Looters, Murderers.

  5. Rebbe Yid,
    Don’t use logic. we are talking about hatred and strong emotions to paint this stupidity on the street and then allow cars to go over it, but if some one spills paint, he is a criminal…..

  6. The comments miss the bigger question. When they investigate paint on the street as a hate crime, do they use more resources and take it as seriously as when someone gets beat on the street for wearing a hat? Or people yelling anti-semitic things on the same street?
    I saw an article from Canada, they saw tire tracks the happened to roll over a rainbow flag crosswalk, and that’s being investigated as a hate crime too. I’m curious about this selective “hate-crime” classifications.

  7. People are also forgetting something big….like I heard from to black male brothers. They said stop calling us African Americans thats racist. we weren’t born there never went there dont have any ties to the place ect and don’t want any ties there…and don’t forget that the black man back in the day sold the blacks to the white man. And my opinion i think it’s a shame that this is the way you want to respect black people by running over the mural with cars kinda like stepping on their respect….a bunch of white liberal racists 🙄

  8. Fortunately, all the paint—yellow and red—will eventually be worn-out. Like the NYC electorate. But don’t fear; they will always vote DEM!

  9. BREAKING!!!:
    In a joint press conference, mayor DeBlasio and congresswoman AOC announced that due to the heinous desecration of the BLM mural in front of the Trump tower, instead of defunding the NYPD Dept. they will be doubling the funding so that there may be enough man-power to find the culprit(s) and also to have specially trained teams to ensure that it doesn’t transpire again.