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NYPD Commissioner Pays Second Visit to Crown Heights

kelly1.jpgNYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly made his second visit in eight days to leaders of the Crown Heights Jewish community, seeking feedback regarding the security situation in this racially divided neighborhood.

In a private meeting with Rabbi Shea Hecht in his home on Eastern Parkway, the commissioner stressed that the NYPD is doing everything within its power to improve security in the neighborhood. He also mentioned that every police report filed over the past few weeks was being re-investigated to ensure that residents’ complaints were appropriately followed-up.

Rabbi Hecht made the following statement after their meeting:

“The increased police presence and the recent arrest of Alon Sherman’s attackers has done a great deal to restore a sense of calm in the streets of Crown Heights.

“We’ve had a good deal of communication with NYPD brass and our local elected officials. Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Chief Joseph Esposito have really gone out of their way to show their concern for what’s happening on our streets.

“Their personal visits to the Crown Heights community have been a tremendous blessing. I think there’s a feeling on the street that City Hall and the police department are making a real investment in the well-being of this community. We’re starting to gain confidence that we’ll see a recognizable difference in the safety situation through the summer months.”

Rabbi Shea Hecht is an activist in the Jewish community, and was a member of Mayor Giuliani’s task force on police/community relations and a New York City Commissioner of Human Rights.


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  1. Kelly is merely correcting his mistake ref. to barging into the shul and expecting the people he encounters to be diplomatic. Foolish … now his correction.

  2. City Hall saw the writing on the wall and stepped in before there would be a repeat of violence as in the days of Mayor Dinkins may his name be blotted out from this world. Mayor Dinkins the piece of trash which he is permitted a pogrom by not ordering the police to take control of the Crown Heights chayos. For all young readers who may not be aware, the National Guard had to be called in to restore law and order. I think it is a shame and a disgrace that Mayor Bloomberg waited so long until he made a move. SHAME ON YOU MR. BLOOMBERG!!!

  3. to #2 lawrenceyid:

    the national guard was not called — as soon as the word got out to “control” the situation, the situation was controlled. there was a decision made (was kelley in on it?) to let the chayas run around for a few days (also known as pogrom, since it was sanctioned / tolerated by the political powers that be — the definition of pogrom). kelley’s crew was perfectly capable of controlling the situation. they just decided (or were told) not to control. and all the commssions that investigated the issue (such as the gergenti commission) did not get involved in this aspect of the situation, in order to satisfty the chayas, and their patronim, such as dinkins, the jewish establishment, the (later) “first black president” and his “wife” who sucked up to the other anti semite “suha” and now, the (soon they’ll call him a jewish name “baruch”)

    will anyone really ask kelley, when he runs for mayor, the truth? no: he wont be allowed to be asked the real question. but he’ll come to the askanim’s dinners, he’ll be honored by all the mosdot at their dinners, etc.

  4. #4MiMedinat HaYam
    I am not suggesting that Kelly is a Tzadik in any way but the fact is that it was Mayor Dinkins who was the real villian. He could have put the chayos rampaging to a stop in no time but chose instead to order the police to stay out. Former Mayor Dinkins should have been prosecuted for effectively been responsible for a progrom. Also, it happens to be a fact that the National Guard did come to restore law and order. I still have the newspaper clippings of the unfortunate event.

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