WATCH: Harris Says Russian Interference Could Cost Biden And Herself The Election

Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., speaks in Washington, Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

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Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris says foreign interference, doubt cast about the election by President Donald Trump and voter suppression could potentially cost her and Joe Biden the White House in November.

“I am a realist about it. Joe is a realist about it,” the California senator said during an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” that aired Sunday.

The 2020 election will be held under challenging circumstances.

It will be the first U.S. election in over a century to be conducted during a pandemic, which is expected to lead to a massive surge in mail voting. Trump has repeatedly railed against mail balloting, which he says without offering proof will lead to widespread voter fraud. And for the first time in decades, both parties will be able to closely scrutinize who casts ballots due to a recent court ruling that wiped out tighter restrictions on poll monitoring.

Meanwhile, U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded Russia is once again attempting to interfere in the election by amplifying discord in the country.

That all adds up to a volatile environment that Harris says could alter the outcome.

“We have classic voter suppression, we have what happened in 2016, which is foreign interference. We have a president who is trying to convince the American people not to believe in the integrity of our election system and compromise their belief that their vote might actually count,” Harris said. “These things are all at play.”

When asked directly if foreign interference could cost her and Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, the White House, she said: “Theoretically, of course, yes.”

“I do believe that there will be foreign interference in the 2020 election and that Russia will be at the front of the line,” she said.

Harris also singled out a 2013 Supreme Court ruling that invalidated parts of the Voting Rights Act. She said that’s led some states to pass laws that are intended to limit access to the ballot for racial minorities.

She said if she and Biden win, they will make it a priority to try and restore those provisions.

“There will be many obstacles that people are intentionally placing in front of Americans’ ability to vote,” Harris said.

Harris was also asked about whether it was a mistake to call for charges in the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man who was shot in the back seven times by a white police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, which led to days of protest and property destruction.

Harris initially called for the officer to be charged, while making clear she wasn’t aware of all the facts in the case.

In the interview that aired Sunday, she reiterated her call for charges against the officer. But Harris, a former San Francisco district attorney and California attorney general, also softened her remarks and emphasized that the decision was up to the local prosecutor.

“Everyone is entitled to due process, everyone, including police officers. And I encourage that. I support that,” Harris said. “I’m clearly not the prosecutor in the case. And the prosecutor in the case must make a decision based on all of the evidence and all of the laws that include giving everyone, and in particular those who might be charged, due process in the process.”

Another issue Harris touched on was Trump’s handling of the coronavirus and whether she would trust a vaccine that Trump hopes will soon be available, even though medical experts have cautioned that more testing is needed.

“I would not trust his word,” Harris said. “I would trust the word of public health experts and scientists, but not Donald Trump.”



  1. This lying shicsa has no credibility left. She was ready to destroy life and reputation of Brett Kavanaugh by knowingly spreading false accusations and yet she accepted nomination to be a running-mate of some one who raped a woman and molested others in public.

  2. The reason this shicsa will not trust “Trump” vaccine is because Marxist Democrats need to keep lockdown prior to elections to justify Fraud by Mail in order to steal 2020 elections.

  3. I’m so glad Harris’s opinion on all these matters is important. Doesn’t she realize that if Russia will meddle in the election, they want Biden to win, not Trump? And how can she say with a straight face that the invalidation of parts of the Voting Rights Act resulted in laws “intended” to keep blacks away from the polls? When Harlem residents were interviewed (Ami Horowitz), they were unanimous that there’s nothing wrong (and everything right) with expecting a voter to present a valid ID, among other things the Voting Rights Act claimed.
    And then she blames Trump because he doesn’t trust the Post Office to properly handle the expected ballot mail surge. Didn’t the Post Office itself “warn” the US that they will have problems handling it? Given the mess the Post Office has been for almost all of my life, can anyone in their right mind expect them to handle it even somewhat? And what about the fact that numerous times in the last months, large amounts of ballot and ballot-related mail (68,000 in one case, 84,000 in another, and others) were found inexplicably unattended and un-mailed in a number of Post Offices around the country? That’s Trump’s fault? And what about the Democratic Congresswoman who is on the committee that oversees the USPS who came to inspect a couple of post office locations just last week, and she was barred by armed USPS Police? Does that sound like things are on the up-and-up over at your local Post Office?

  4. But why would they? Trump favors a strong military, the Democrats don’t. Believing Putin would hep Trump is like imagining that in the lead up to World War II that Hitler would help Churchill since Churchill favored a strong military, and his opponents didn’t. The last thing Putin wants is a strong military in the United States. Both Clinton and Obama wanted to cut back on military spending, and there is every reason to believe that Biden would do the same. Trump sands out for favoring a strong armed forces.

  5. Camela Harris is a nasty person and a major liar. Biden/Camela losing team is trying to set up a soft landing for their lost cause. They will blame everyone and everything when they lose the election, sort of like Hillary did.

  6. MoisheInGolus: “she accepted nomination to be a running-mate of some one who raped a woman and molested others in public.” You are confused. She is not the running-mate of the rapist and adulterer Donald J. Trump.

  7. JacobLev, why you Democrats always believe in your own lies? Go ask Tara Reade and ‘I Believe Them’ Kamala Harris who was referring to Joe Biden accusers.

  8. JacobLev, Trump is an adulterer (so is Harris), but there are no accusations that he has ever raped anyone. Biden is credibly accused, in fact Harris herself said that she believed the accuser. Meanwhile Harris got her start in politics by having an affair with a married man; without that she would be a nothing and none of us would ever have heard of her.