LIVE UPDATES: Election 2020


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The day of decision has finally arrived as Americans head to the polls for the 2020 presidential election.



  1. 1 of 2 machines at my polling station also wasn’t working this morning.
    This is so outrageous, that these machines aren’t working, that deBlasio & entire board of Elections Must be Fired Today!!

  2. I am putting in writing some words reflecting what is dominant in my mind today, on election day in the USA. My prayers were mainly focused on asking Hashem to trust His nation about not feeling too comfortable here, in Galut and having the priorities in the right place in the deepest of ourselves. That He does not allow such a corrupted and dictatorial regime Biden and his gang is proposing, govern this Country. What has been obvious all along during their campaign was the theme of taking America where Europe was in 1945 with the Russians. Or before WWII with nazism and propaganda brain-washing the masses with lies and false promises taking down all that could dignify mankind and values of society.

    It’s indeed down to how much we can deserve living in a free world where we can continue building bais-hamidrashim and put the Torah in the center of our lives. But how close are we, am I, to our ancestors of the Midbar? They were the one nation deserving to receive the Torah on Har Sinai with such a great level of Ardut and connection with Hashem. Are we, am I, so distracted with the Gashmiout of America blinding our sight to what is most meaningful and crucial to our Neshamot and the values we share and convey to our children and gd-children?

    Do we need a Biden-Harris regime to learn how to be “out of our comfort zone”? That’s I think the real theme of these elections. If Rav Mendel Kessin Sh’lita is right to say that Trump is Mashiah’ Shel Esav and represents the last step before welcoming Mashiah’ and for us, to be part of the generation to live the Geoula, then I really believe it’s connected to this very point about our comfort-zone.

    We can deserve a president who will keep values we need in a society to still function in Galut, to live our Yiddishkeit with decency and sense of freedom. But it is also true that we need to appreciate it in a very special way. Only how a Jew should appreciate it. We’re not “home” here. Till Mashiah’ comes and brings us to the Eretz Israel Hashem designed for us for the right time, when this will have to happen.

    In the Parashiot since Bereshit, especially since Noah and last week with Lech Lecha, the message is clear. We must understand that our mission is to be able to walk away from our comfort zone. It’s not an easy exercise. Sometimes I wonder if we really get that point? Seeing frum people yelling in Boro Park for Shtuyot or block the traffic contesting. Build huge homes. Kick-out gentiles for the needs of large families and communities and govern non Jewish schools to be in control of how to spend tax money for our “frum” cities & needs? Trick the system to save taxes or squeeze more power on our side? All in the showing, the public place, for all to see? How comfortable we are here, where in truth, we’re not home?!

    I am hoping that Hashem is trusting us enough that we can live normally, freely and educate our children in an environment where we can have some peace of mind to focus on our real values and occupy ourselves with the humble mission of serving Hashem, not ourselves. Trump will win I am sure if Hashem Has this trust in us.

    How dare you call Trump such a name??
    God should help that You should stink away and no one should be able to stay 20 feet around you

  4. don’t worry, whoever wins, its ok,
    Have we forgotten?
    We’re in good hands, we rely on the Real King, our Father, not on who WE think is better president for the Jews,
    Hashem has a plan,
    Hashem decides who becomes the leaders
    for His reasons
    Hashem made Haman a higher up…. to bring us to Kabalas HaTorah M’Ahava and Purim,
    and so on…. and leaders who seem “good” can somehow lead to “bad”,
    or a thousand other cheshbonos Hashem might have…

  5. i am sitting here astonished at “BIDENSMYMASHIACH”!!!! how can a yid with some amount of brains vote for a scumbag like Joe Biden?!?!?!?! he is anti-yid anti-israel and supports bds and the Palestinian Authority. he is a meshuge LIBERAL who supports abortions (pashut against the toirah) and other anti-torah values. he and his party will ban milah, shchita and close our yeshivos. in conclusion, you have to really re-evaluate your political opinions and than maybe i will be glad to view you as someone with jewish values.

  6. HEIMISH, did Obama ban milah, shchita and close yeshivos? Did Clinton? Don’t exaggerate, neither party has Torah values. Yidden have the right to vote for whoever they think is a better candidate for president (Israel is not the only consideration, and Biden is NOT anti-Israel!) Each candidates is as much a scumbag as the other, and neither is anyone’s Mashiach. We are voting for a president, not a hero or role model, if we were voting for a hero we would all have to abstain!

  7. Leiby Wasser, AGAIN i am astonished how a yid can vote for Biden, a RASHA MERUSHA?!?!?!? Obama was 4 years ago and Clinton were 19 years ago, now as many parts of France, Poland and Belgium have already banned shchita and many more have introduced a bill to BAN shchita, we are faced with a threat that undermines a crucial part of Yahadus. Furthermore, Biden already set up meetings with the PLO and said he will continue the Iran Deal. And if all else fails to convince you of the standing of this dirtbag, just look at how he and his party support ABORTION something that is vehemently against Toirah values. Leiby and all others in your situation, may Hashem bless you that you are proud to support the values of Yahadus and that we be zoche to see each other in Yerushalayim soon.