Biden Was Speaking To George Lopez In Widely Shared Video


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden stumbled over a name when he was interviewed during the virtual “I Will Vote” concert, and social media has lit up with claims that he confused President Donald Trump with a previous occupant of the Oval Office.

Yes, Biden did say “George,” which some social media users concluded was a reference to former President George W. Bush. But many of these posts omit a critical detail: The interviewer was named George too.

Here’s a breakdown of the facts and the context around the claims that are circulating online:

CLAIM: In an interview, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden confused President Donald Trump with former President George W. Bush.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: Missing context. Biden and his wife, Jill, were being interviewed by actor and comedian George Lopez during the virtual “I Will Vote” concert Sunday.

THE FACTS: Social media users are sharing a 27-second clip of Joe and Jill Biden to suggest that Biden is not mentally fit to run for office ahead of Election Day. But the clips being widely shared lack context.

The full video, which Biden tweeted, shows the former vice president was being interviewed by actor George Lopez as part of a virtual concert being held in support of the Democratic candidate by the Biden Victory Fund. Lopez and political commentator Ana Navarro were hosting the live concert, which featured performances from the Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson.

During the interview — at around the 13:00 mark of the video tweeted by Biden — actor George Lopez asks the Democratic candidate what he would say to undecided voters with only a few days left before Election Day.

“Like if someone is undecided and maybe thinking about not voting, why should they vote and why should they vote for you?” Lopez asks.

Biden then responds saying that there is a lot on the ballot in this election.

“The character of the country in my view is literally on the ballot, what kind of country are we going to be,” he says. “Four more years of George uh…George, going to find ourselves in a position if Trump gets elected, we are going to be in a different world.”

Biden appears to stumble over his words before correcting himself. The clips online do not mention that Biden was being interviewed by Lopez and instead contend that Biden was so confused that he mixed up President Trump with George W. Bush, who was president immediately before Barack Obama and Biden, his vice president, took office.

“WATCH: Joe Biden confuses President Trump with George Bush,” the Trump War Room, one of the official Trump campaign Twitter accounts, tweeted Sunday night. “4 more years of George, uh, George…”

President Donald Trump also shared his thoughts on the clip on Twitter, receiving 32,000 retweets.

“Joe Biden called me George yesterday,” he said. “Couldn’t remember my name. Got some help from the anchor to get him through the interview. The Fake News Cartel is working overtime to cover it up!”

On Sunday night, Biden tweeted the full footage of the concert, which was live streamed on Periscope.



  1. Just what does it matter what the name of the interviewer was? Biden was talking about “Four more years of George”. Biden was not talking about 4 more years of the interviewer George, unless, Biden confused he interviewer with the President. No matter how you spin it, it is the same problem.

  2. O please. More ap fake news. We know he was talking to George Lopez. That wasn’t the context of the statement. The statement was “4 more years of George uh”. Last I checked we never had 4 yrs of George Lopez. So if you want to say he confused Trump with George Lopez and not the great George w bush ok I’ll buy that. But to say he wasn’t confused is the dumbest thing I ever heard

  3. True, he was being interviewed by a guy named George. But on that statement it’s clear that he wanted to mention the other candidate’s name (Trump) and either a) thought that his name was George, or b) couldn’t remember the name and said George (referring to the interviewer) giving himself some time to hopefully remember Trump’s name. In either case he didn’t remember Trump’s name. It’s clear!

  4. And the fact is, trump actually misspoke about this at a rally, “did you see sleepy Joe on 60 minutes last night? He called me George”. It wasn’t on 60 Minutes where this exchange took place!

  5. Nothing about the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop that was full of scandalous evidence? Last I heard, no one has actually denied its authenticity, yet the mainstream media and tech monopolists (Twitter;Google/YouTube;Facebook) continues to conspire with the Democrats in ignoring and suppressing the story. And /that/, the blatantly partisan, selective censorship, may be the biggest scandal of all here.

  6. Would someone please explain why a guy who makes a few verbal stumbles – Joe Biden – is less qualified than a guy is utterly stupid, uneducated and malicious – Donald Trump. By the standards a lot of commenters are applying to Joe B., those same commenters are senile and illiterate.

  7. huju, if 10% Big Guy Burisma Biden is your candidate then it tells a lot about your character. Only self-hating Jewish traitors or anti-American Marxists would vote for Biden who promised to give nukes back to Iran and who is supported by Ilhan Omar, Rahida Tlaib and AOC,
    “I know that when the policy platform was being put into place, a lot of our feedback was incorporated throughout his platform,” Ilhan Omar.

  8. @huju: A better question might be the following. Why do so many individuals (who one would think would know better) persist– even in the face of ever-increasing, ever more compelling evidence– in supporting the candidacy of an individual who could be hardly be more clearly a pathetic, highly compromised puppet cynically manipulated by a party that (a) openly sanctions and promotes BLM*; (b) refuses to even acknowledge the mere existence of ANTIFA as a distinct, organized entity; (c) conspires with the media-tech information monopoly in ferociously suppressing the overwhelming evidence of the domestic terrorism that both BLM and ANTIFA not only continue to be highly culpable and complicit in, but in fact exist to foment; and (d) fully supports the utterly pernicious narrative and agenda of the “LGBTQ” lobby, actively promoting rank depravity and insanity, while actively attacking decency, normalcy, sanity and even reality itself. There’s more but the four points I have enumerated above are more-than-sufficient reason to ask: Given this reality, how relevant are any of Donald Trump’s flaws and shortcomings? (Even if one were to assume that all of the frequently hysterical and tendentious, politically motivated accusations and claims have any considerable degree of legitimacy.)

    *An explicitly anti-white, anti-civilization organization that is based on a pernicious, false narrative. See, e.g., the work of Heather MacDonald.