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NEW: 60 Percent of Americans Now Say They Would Get COVID Vaccine

60% of Americans said in November they would “definitely” or “probably” get a vaccine, compared to just 51% in September, according to a new survey by a new Pew Research Center survey.

39% responded that they would “definitely” or “probably” not get the vaccine.

46% of that group indicated they would consider getting vaccinated if more information becomes available or once others start getting vaccinated.

21% of U.S. adults do not intend to get vaccinated and are “pretty certain” more information will not change their minds.

75% of people have at least a fair amount of confidence in the development process today, compared to 65% in September.

(Source: Pew / Axios / Business Insider)

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  1. No one is taking this vaccine. At least all the people I spoke to. If you got the virus already you for sure won’t take it. If you think you got it already you probably won’t take it either. Everyone else would rather take a chance with the virus then take a chance with the vaccine we know nothing about

  2. Trying to control the narrative to make people feel as if this vaccine is safe and tested….

    Nice try. People don’t need it. People don’t want it.

    1. It does not stop transmission, so right out of the gate it’s worthless to “so called” protect anyone else!

    2. Pull out the trail study, it’s available on clinical trials. Gov, you’ll be SHOCKED to learn that:
    A. The trial group ended up by following 11 patients! Yes 11 out of the 30k enrolled… It’s like introducing a new method of learning to a school of 30k children, and deciding after following 11 kids that you have relevant data….

    B. They ONLY measured symptoms vs symptoms, not death reduction outcomes! So how on earth would you know if this person would of had ‘less’ symptoms had he gotten covid…

    C. The cleverly only began recording symptoms 45 days AFTER the injection, that means the 10 to 15% of people who DID HAVE SEVER SYMPTOMS (that’s why you see all the talk you see Dr Need to prepare patients to feel adverse symptoms…) those people were never included in the adverse events vs placebo report, cause as of day 45 they all healed already…. Just like covid 🙂
    READ THE STUDY! it’s all on there! Total scam!

  3. @Joshua45 of course the vaccine stops transmissions @YWN you should not be publishing comments like Joshua45’s

  4. If it wasn’t sad it would have been hilarious.
    The same clowns who are against the MMR vaccine have ‘graduated’ to advocate against the COVID-19 vaccine.
    Measles is not so common, so they were not able to cause more than a few deaths.
    Now, they want to cause the epidemic to continue and kill chas veshalom hundreds or thousands of people.
    Any possible side effects from the vaccine pale in comparison to catching coronavirus or killing someone else by coronavirus!

  5. For those who are very suspicious, could you please clarify the list of what you suspect.

    Logically, those who don’t think masks protect would be the first to get vaccinated. As well as those who attend yeshivot, semachot, indoor minyanim.
    And those who are in safe conditions, would be at least somewhat reluctant to vaccinate.

    From psychiatric pov, I am afraid it is the opposite.

    Seriously speaking, I hope those close to exposed elderly teachers and Rebbes are working to arrange vaccines for those that were not yet infected.

  6. @Beit Measels is much more contagious than covid and it’s mortality rate for health people is also much higher. For your average healthy person covid is not dangerous unlike measels.

  7. Beit stated: “Any possible side effects from the vaccine pale in comparison to catching coronavirus or killing someone else by coronavirus!”

    You’re kidding me, right? Most people who contract the coronavirus have mild to no symptoms. Most people don’t die. So the side effects can definitely potentially be a whole lot worse than getting the virus.

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