This is How You Setup a VPN on Kodi in Less Than 2 Minutes

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So many folks around the world are “cutting the cord” or moving away from cable and satellite television providers and moving to streaming to watch content. While many users get by with services such as Netflix, YouTube Premium, and Hulu, others might want a solution that allows them to stream all of their favorite content in one place. 

Many content providers, however, won’t allow VPN usage while streaming content. One such provider is Netflix, disallowing VPN users from connecting to their services. People might want to use a VPN while they stream, though, because many ISPs will throttle users who stream often, slowing their upload and download speeds dramatically. 

There is one popular application that will allow you to stream all of your favorite stuff in one place, and that application is called Kodi – a very VPN-friendly service that anyone can use. 

How Does Kodi Work? 

Kodi is a free and open-source software media player that can be installed on almost any device running various operating systems, with clients for Windows, macOS, and even GNU/Linux distributions. You can even find Kodi applications for your iOS or Android mobile phones and tablets.

A highly configurable and very portable media player, Kodi can truly be used anywhere. You can use it to stream your favorite content that you already have hosted on your local network, such as another computer in your home, or online through several streaming providers. 

To make sure you are streaming and protecting your privacy at the same time, it is understandable if you would like to know how to set up a VPN on Kodi while you stream your content. Luckily, Kodi makes this extremely easy, and you can use your VPN with Kodi in one of two simple ways. 

1. Installing Your VPN on Kodi

This method sounds a little “techy” but is very easy to do. You can run your VPN right on your Kodi service with a plugin called Zomboided VPN Manager. Download the .zip file from the Zomboided project’s public downloads repository and then head over to your Kodi instance. 

From here, go to the Add-Ons section, and select Install from zip file after clicking on the box icon. Pick the .zip file you downloaded from Zomboided earlier, and when back in the menu, select to install from the repository, choosing your Zomboided Add-On. After installation, you can configure your VPN through the new VPN Manager for OpenVPN now available to you. 

2. Run Kodi While Your VPN is Active

If you simply want to use Kodi while your VPN is already active on the machine you are currently sitting at, all you need to do is ensure that your VPN is running system wide. If you have an application for your desktop or smartphone that you are running your VPN through, then this part is already handled for you. All of your computer, smartphone, or tablet traffic should be routed through your VPN. 

If so, you’re good to open up Kodi and begin streaming whatever you’d like.