Anti-Vax: Israeli Parents Of 160 IDF Soldiers Who Refused Vaccine Hire Lawyer

Entrance to the IDF's vaccination center. (IDF spokesperson)

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Parents of 160 IDF soldiers have hired an attorney to protect the rights of their children whom they claim are facing threats and sanctions, including canceled leave, for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19, Arutz Sheva reported.

The leader of the parents’ group, Arnon Grossman, told Arutz Sheva that after Army Radio heard about the issue, it broadcast an IDF spokesperson statement that the IDF does not have a policy to pressure soldiers into receiving the vaccine.

Nevertheless, the parents in the group counter that the IDF statement has no basis in reality and their children have been called in for personal discussions with their commanders and have faced shaming and isolation.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Not volunteering in a medical trial is not ant-vax! The covid vaccine is practically speaking a trial on the public and not everyone is willing to participate, period. Stop the intimidation now!!

  2. Rav Chaim Kaniewski, Yav Yitzchok Yosef, as well as numerous other Gedolim have Paskened to take this Corona vaccination, so tough if these soldiers loose their vacation for not complying withe Pesak of our Gedolim.

  3. Good. They and their parents deserve to be shamed by putting other people at risk due to their non-belief in science.

    Se the Collected Writings of Rav SR Hirsch Vol. 9 page 208-209 where he discusses the importance of teaching science. I know not everyone agrees with him, and you also see the results of ignorance, in the chasidisha community there are more antivax groups than the general frum community, there were also more deaths during covid based on surveys this maps to the increased non-compliance with the state mandates.

    The research and survey results are public but this site has not reported on it.

  4. @147 you have an issue that they don’t listen to the Gedolim? They’re in the army, what part of that is listening to the Gedolim? If that were the issue, I would agree with you. But fact is that they can’t be forced into taking the vaccine by the army and intimidation is outright wrong. Any commander treating their soldiers like that (whether by IDF unofficial policy or personal conviction) should be punished!

  5. Doubting the safety of an experimental vaccine assembled at ‘warped-speed’ is not a rebellion against science per se as being a legitimate maidservant of Torah.

    Challenging coercion though, is a healthy, thought out and conservative response to gray science being thrust upon the world with commercial interests strongly intertwined with government and with an overall attempt to shame citizens and others to this vaccine’s (and vaccine theory generally as well!) viability and safety–this is not a true path in science at all.