NYPD: Bus Driver Intentionally Struck By Car


New York City police were looking for a driver captured on video running over a bus driver and fleeing in an apparent road rage incident.

The video released by police Saturday shows the female bus driver exiting the small school bus and standing on a median, apparently to take a photo of a car that was stopped behind the bus in Brooklyn on Friday afternoon.

The car, a gray 2020 Subaru, then accelerates over the median and into the bus driver, who is left lying in the street after emerging from beneath the car’s back tires.

The 44-year-old bus driver remained hospitalized in critical but stable condition Saturday.

The driver of the car was described as a 5-foot-7-inch man with a thin build. Police asked anyone with information to come forward.



  1. When this wicked car driver is apprehended, s/he must immediately be run over by his/her car, and left to wither away from his/her injuries. Anything short of this would constitute an absolute travesty of justice.