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EU Court Of Human Rights Rejects Appeal To Save Alta Fixsler’s Life

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rejected the Fixsler family’s appeal to save Alta’s life.

The ECHR sent a letter to the Fixlers on Monday evening stating that it agrees with the decision of the UK court mandating the withdrawal of life support from 2-year-old Alta. The decision was made despite the fact that Israeli and US hospitals have expressed willingness to take responsibility for Alta’s care and the parents are willing to transfer her at no cost to the UK.

Last week, the US State Department granted a non-immigrant visa for Alta to be assessed and possibly treated in the US. Alta’s parents are Israeli citizens and her father is a US citizen.

Yossi Gestetner, a friend of the family, told BBC: “We’re not dealing here with something that doesn’t feel pain, we’re dealing with a human being that’s alive, that has feelings, and therefore has the potential of a better future, if given the right care.”

“And no disrespect to the NHS, but nobody would think that a local hospital in Manchester has the same abilities and capability as world-renowned hospitals in Israel or in the United States.”

“Any parent would want to give the children a chance,” Gestetner asserted. “If the UK judicial system does not think that the NHS has an obligation to continue care … this should not preclude the freedom and ability for Alta to be transported to the United States or to Israel to have a second chance at life.”

The Fixslers’ lawyer, David Forster, told BBC that Alta’s religion wasn’t adequately taken into account.

“In Jewish culture, one becomes a member of the faith at conception and Alta’s religion forbids the withdrawal of life-saving care.”

“We also believe that excessive weighting has been given to ‘causing pain’ as a factor in the decision. We argue that Alta would feel no more or less pain being transported to a hospital in Israel than she would lying in a bed in Manchester – but her chance of further treatment has been denied her regardless.”

“We are considering our next steps. The legal route has ended but it is still the case that an agreement could be reached.”

The public is asked to daven for Alta bas Chaya betoch sha’ar cholei Yisrael.

Anyone interested in financially assisting the family can click here.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

6 Responses

  1. The EU High Court voted to insist on stunning animals before slaughtering, to avoid 30 seconds of “possible pain” for a cow. That’s more important than a human beings life!!!

  2. Every patient feels pain. This is a lack of regard for the holiness of life. Maybe Jewish groups can buy the machines she needs? It seems like there needs to be frum hospitals.

  3. Welcome to the world of socialized medicine. If the chief socialist in charge of handing out doctor referral says your case is hopeless and assigns you to hospice care, only a miracle will save you. And remember, that is what most of the Democratic party want in the US (sounds good, cheap medical care, if they decide you are sufficiently worthy).

  4. The decision was made despite the fact that Israeli and US hospitals have expressed willingness to take responsibility for Alta’s care and the parents are willing to transfer her at no cost to the UK.

    Well, of course. What on earth has that got to do with it? Why would anyone think that this would change anything? Where did anyone get the idea that this had anything to do with money?

    And why would a US visa help matters? On the contrary, it could only harm the case, because the parents had already promised the court that their only reason to take her to Israel was so she could die on holy ground, and near her family. They solemnly swore that if the court would let them take her to Israel they would not try to save her, they would obey the court’s orders and let her die, even though it wouldn’t be able to force them. That was the condition on which they asked for permission to move her. And the court said it believed they were sincere, but it worried that once in Israel they might be pressured to change their minds. So how could a visa from the USA help? For what purpose would they want her to die in the USA rather than in the UK? The only possible reason to take her to the USA is so they would be free of the UK courts’ reach and could keep her alive! And if that’s their intention then of course the courts are not going to allow them to move her! Do people think these courts are stupid?!

  5. You can’t even say it’s antisemitism… the NHS has done this many times before. Surely the Minister of Health can override this callous and evil gezeira.

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