MORE HATE: Jewish Couple Accosted in Miami Airport By Man Spewing Ant-Semitic Slurs


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A Jewish couple traveling to Miami were accosted and cursed at by an anti-Semite as they disembarked from their aircraft.

Victoria Zirkiev, the producer for Israeli music star Gad Elbaz, and her husband were traveling to the Sunshine State for business when the incident occurred.

She says that as they were waiting in line to disembark from the plane, her husband lowered his mask for a moment to catch his breath, as the plane had become very hot.

Immediately as he pulled his mask down, a man in his 20’s yelled at him to put his mask back on. Not wishing to make a scene, the Jewish man politely pulled the mask up again.

But the anti-Semite wasn’t finished with them.

As the Jewish couple entered the terminal, they removed their masks – as they are legally allowed to – and the man went after them again, saying, “why don’t you put your masks on, you [expletive] Jews!”

The anti-Semite then began to physically assault the Jewish man, shoving him, prompting a response from the couple, who both began fighting back against the hate-filled aggressor, forcing him to back off.

He continued to accost them through the airport, berating them for removing their masks.

“This is America, not Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, anti-Semitism is alive and well,” Victoria said.

“Jews get blamed for everything. My parents left their country to escape anti-Semitism, on for their children to experience it in America.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “As the Jewish couple entered the terminal, they removed their masks – as they are legally allowed to….”

    Not that it in any way excuses this disgusting anti-semitic behavior, but the article is wrong. TSA rules still require wearing a mask throughout the airport terminals, including the areas where you exit from the jetway, unless you are eating/drinking in an airport bar/restaurant. Obviously, this idiot was looking for an excuse to continue to spew his vile comments.

  2. The horrendous actions of antisemites can never be excused. However the facts in the article are incorrect.

    Federal law still requires everyone, with limited exceptions, to wear an appropriate face mask when traveling through or visiting a U.S. airport.

    We must not give fuel to those that hate us. Sadly there are too many who display a flippant attitude towards COVID restrictions which allows people to falsely claim that Orthodox Jews are indifferent to spreading disease. I have seen first hand how some outwardly religious people flaunt regulations on planes and other settings. We must show respect and care for others.

  3. Ok-
    Let’s be fair here
    This shzlub doesn’t look like an anti semite rather he’s annoyed and frustrated like everyone else at where we’re at 2 years in and still masking.
    So tempers and emotions are high
    I like the feistiness in this woman and seems like a pretty good teammate/partner to have in a fight-

  4. 1.You do have to wear a mask in the terminal.
    2. There is no excuse for hatred and anti Semitism
    3. Did not like the woman’s repeated “what’s your name loser”? It’s not the Jewish way, she brought herself down to his level with the name calling

  5. If that’s the TSA rule and they disregarded it — this guy is 1000% right.
    It’s difficult without knowing all the facts but there is no justification to walk the airport and endanger others ( if that’s what happened- for all we know religious couple didn’t do that )

  6. To summarize all recent incidents, Baruch Hashem there is not one anti-semite in America who would dare attack a Jew properly wearing a mask. May not excuse the guy, but it is really amazing.

  7. Who cares? I live in Israel , and Jews hate religious Jews more than goyim hate us. In the USA , its only words and a little spray painting. Here they are trying to destroy yiddishkeit with evil decrees, and all you do there is praise the Israeli Govt..

  8. This has to be Purim Torah. Whatever “journalist” wrote this didn’t even do a basic check of the law. One MUST wear a mask IN THE TERMINAL and ON THE PLANE. The victim is this poor individual who is being harrassed by Ms. Zirkiev. Ms. Zirkiev calling him a “loser” is completely unacceptable- this is a woman who hosts political events in her home?!?!