ANYONE SHOCKED? Hate Cashier Refuses To Service Jew, But Gladly Serves Non-Jews Without Masks [SEE THE VIDEO]


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Double standard or antisemitism?

A cashier at a convenience store was caught on video denying service to a Hasidic Jew who wasn’t wearing a mask, while at the same time allowing another customer who supposedly had a mask in his pocket be serviced.

In the video, the Jewish man asks the cashier, “Because I’m a Jew I’m not getting served?”

“I didn’t say that,” she responds. “I asked you to get a mask.”

The man points out that another customer isn’t wearing a mask either, but she says that “he has it in his pocket” so it’s okay.

The Jewish man then notes how illogical her argument is but she doesn’t budge, saying she won’t argue about it and he has to get a mask to be served.

Sources tell YWN that this took place in the last gas station in the U.S. before crossing the Canadian border, possibly the “Maplefield’s Travel Center”.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “Hey, look, the other guy is also shoplifting, and no one arrested him. So it should be okay if I do it too, right?”

    The store policy is that you need to wear a mask, so wear one.

  2. What’s the big deal? What are you trying to prove? Just wear a mask and don’t draw attention to yourself. We know that Eisav soneh es Yaakov. Yidden need to keep a low profile in Galus.

  3. “Hate” is a little strong, “irrational and unfair” more like. But – why can’t he just put on a mask and get on with life? Why look to stir up trouble? Why not make a kiddish Hashem instead (“look at that Jew wearing a mask properly, unlike the goy who has one in his pocket”). So at home no one wears masks, no problem, but when out in the world, put on a mask. We’ve been wearing them here since summer 2020, everyone complies, even in Jewish stores, and I have yet to see someone faint from wearing one. It’s not such a big deal. Especially for the 2 minutes he needs one here. I don’t know how much they help or if they do (and no point to debate it) but it’s the law and she asked so PUT IT ON.

  4. He should wear one because that’s the store policy. But the reality is that if she’s not enforcing the rule consistently, and instead, enforces it on one, and not the other, that’s discrimination. She doesn’t have a right to pick and choose who, of the ones not WEARING the mask she is going to serve.

  5. This is why I don’t trust anti-Semitism Statistics. To many Jews are too quick to inject or infer anti-Semitism in every situation. It’s even worse when they are doing wrong. It accomplishes nothing except create more anti-Semitism and a bad impression of Jews.
    Lighten up! The whole world isn’t a bunch of Antisemites waiting to “get the Jews”

  6. kuvult: actually, your attitude was the prevalent one in Europe, pre churban. “its just a cartoon, its just people being ignorant.” we have since learned to never ignore A.S. no matter how trivial. Sure, I am not really all that offended by someone scrawling a swastika into a bathroom wall or a moron cashier whose net worth is less than my monthly yeshiva tuition bill, but A.S. needs to be quashed at the lowest levels before it becomes too big to swallow.

  7. @Chana1122
    i fail to understand how it is a fulfillment of vnikdashti btoch bnei yisrael to (“look at that Jew wearing a mask properly, unlike the goy who has one in his pocket”). more like: look at that stupid jew wearing a mask – even the goy who never learns torah isnt as dumb, but the jew who represents g-d is a little dumb sheep?? that’s a chillul hashem if anything.


    “look at what the torah does to ppl, makes them stupid as mexicans!!!!”

  8. Am I the only one thinking that this whole thing is a bit over-rated and making news of nothing.
    Perhaps this woman was afraid of her manager walking into the store and seeing that shes not enforcing the stores’ policies, so she would tell the man who has it in his pocket to put it on on the spot. . .

  9. Obviously a lot of context missing as there is in all these clips. All else being equal, if she in fact served the goy and not the jew when neither were wearing masks that would definitely be antisemitism. There is no reason to be more strict with a Jew than anyone else.

  10. Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky may his memory be blessed, he told the members of his Kehilah that on Shabbos when they come to Shul, they should wear something over their Tallis.
    He said that here in America, we are only guests.

  11. To be part of Goy Kadosh as mentioned in this week’s parsha, you have to act as a Goy Kadosh. By refusing to wear a mask, regardless of the other individual’s similar action, one commits a Chilul Hashem. If the store requires the wearing of a mask, don’t try to prove your point, whatever it was by not wearing one. We as Jews are supposed to be held to a higher standard of behavior.

    קדושים תהיו

  12. In a wide-ranging and forthright interview with Freddie Sayers, Professor Cyrille Cohen, head of Immunology at Bar Ilan University and a member of the advisory committee for vaccines for the Israeli Government said:

    – The Green Pass / vaccine passport concept was no longer relevant in the Omicron era and should be phased out (he expected it to be in short order in Israel)
    – He and his colleagues were surprised and disappointed that the vaccines did not prevent transmission, as they had originally hoped
    – The biggest mistake of the pandemic in Israel was closing schools and education – he apologised for that
    – Widespread infection is now an inevitable part of future immunity — otherwise known as herd immunity
    – Omicron has accelerated the pandemic into the endemic phase, in which Covid will be “like flu”

  13. Chaylev HAlya:
    What do you mean “as stupid as Mexicans”?
    The Mexicans I deal with daily are just as smart as anyone else.
    Perhaps you hang out with Mexicans of your ilk.

  14. “New York State’s new requirements apply to all indoor public places in all areas of New York State, including for businesses and venues in New York City. This means all patrons and staff inside an establishment must be either fully vaccinated or wear masks.”

    So if one is fully vaccinated, he is NOT obligated to wear a disposable mask, regardless of race or religion.

  15. The article is just another example of embracing victimhood. She was wearing a mask. Maybe she was afraid of the other guy, or it’s a friend of hers. What would it have cost to put on a mask? It would not diminish your self respect. Azus ponim has its place, but here, it’s just being a grubbeh yung.

  16. I heard from Rav Elya Brudny shlit”a that when an אינו יהודי is driving in an unruly way it is like someone acting inappropriately in his own home whereas when a Yid is driving in an unruly way it is like someone acting inappropriately when he is a guest in someone else’s home – guests behave even if the host does not.

  17. For everyone bashing the guy for not wearing a mask: that’s not the point of this article and of course he is wrong. The point is to remind us of the absolute and unjustified hate that the nations of the world have against us and to remind us that we are in Golus. The cashier is clearly acting anti Semitic and we should not be silenced about it. We were silenced 70 years ago. We should be not silenced anymore. If people hate us, it should be made public so if not to change their ways, to at least bring awareness to ourselves of where they stand and where we stand.

  18. @Chaylev Haliyah Back in my Yeshiva days such reverse pilpul reasoning would have earned you a frask in punim and the title of chutzpanik by my Rosh Yeshiva. Since when is wearing a mask a chillul Hashem? Where if at all does Torah or divrei Chachomim state this? This is nothing more than your personal opinion which goes against the majority opinion. Yochid V’Rabim, Halacha K’Rabim.

  19. I called the store – a nice guy answered – told me the problem has been resolved. Assured me there is no room for that type of behavior there. Let’s not blow this out of proportion. and yes – it does not hurt to bend over a little and wear a mask – please Rabbosai – get vaccinated. A friend who is an ultrasound technician recently told me that only unvaccinated people are on life support at his hospital. If food stamps were contingent on being vaccinated – there would be no resistance. Enough time has passed to determine that vaccination is a wise thing to do!

  20. coffee addict: – Does answer why other non-jews dont need?!
    myownopinion:/Chana1122:- We are not debating wearings masks here, all YWN is saying is that when you walk into a store without a mask (because you previously saw that lots of people stopped wearing them) and you see a non-jew
    comfortably shopping “and checking out” without one and they yell at you, its hurts and you are allowed to speak up and point out the hate.
    Gadolhadorah:- So you are from those type of people counting every yid without a mask?! point here is the double standard/hate that’s all! got it?!
    karlbenmarx:- Here you are Mr. Perfect that never argues with anyone, hard to believe if you took your time here venting your thoughts you are probably the biggest arguer in your circle.
    Fearless Lion:/Jerusalemresident : – Oopsie trying to be dan lekaf zechus every goy but—— see full video non-jew being served at checkout with no mask, Sorry try again
    Kuvult:- Cant comment on other stories but this one is a hater based on facts.
    הוא הלכה מפורשת שולחן ערוך אורח חיים · תקנד ועיי”ש במשנ”ב אות לד/לה, ועי מג”א אורח חיים כה ס”ק ה מביא דין לגבי טלית
    however it doesn’t mean we have to be their puppets especially when a certain percent of the non-jewish population doesn’t wear one (but ask your local Rabbi).
    evenzohar : I guess that alone that I dont spend my nights in bars or that I dress modestly and being a real role model in every aspect is not good if I decide to try to ignore the left policies just like half my non-jewish neighbors (talking about normal nice citizens that had enough of Faucci and try to move on).

  21. Want something to really be incensed over? Why is Dushinsky raffling off a BMW? When did we forgive the Germans? How does a BMW fall in line with living a simple, toned down life style? Takana Chasunas are pretty over, long sheitelach over, fancy Pesach retreats- over. The mandate to live a simple life – over! When Dushinsky raffles off a BMW – goyim have to wake us up that we are indeed Yidden and need to reach a higher standard.

  22. The bashing of Jews by Jews when the Jewish person was wronged is absolutely sick. A Jew wants to breathe freely and he’s denied service while the goyim in the same position are not denied service and the Jew is criticized for speaking out?! THIS is sinas chinum! When YW writes an article about a supposed Rabbi not mentioning God then everyone screams “sinas chinam”, “that’s spreading hate” and all other kinds of stupidity, but here a Jew is being denied his basic rights for being a Jew and he’s bashed for speaking up?! Shame on all of you Jewish Jew haters who stick up for those making a REAL chillul Hashem and bash those who simply want to breath and yet are denied service for being a Jew while the goyim in the same position are ok.

    Every time I see the baseless hatred of “frum” people towards frum Jews I see why the Holocaust happened. The “proper Jews” back then excused the goyim for their behavior of Jews breaking UNETHICAL laws. In this case the Jew had to follow the law that trampled on his basic constitutional rights basic while goyim “breaking” this same “law” can breathe freely! Unbelievable!

  23. Good, we need these situations to remind us that we are in Golus. Yidden are far too comfortable here in Golus. If the goyim loved us and never showed any hatred we would end up being assimilated. So Hashem in his infinite kindness sends us these situations to remind us that we are in golus.

  24. Ok, comments above said everything already. I am just wondering whether this Chasidishe (?) Yid learned to complain about discrimination? Did he go to an Ivy League propaganda school? In his Yinglish classes in cheder? On his facebook feed? How did he get this virus? Maybe he need a filter not only on his mouth but on his phone also?

  25. The so called mask mandate gives a very good excuse for AS, I recall giving a package for a ups driver….. asked him if I can leave it at door of truck…. he was 10 feet away and screamed no mask no service and came to door (obviously getting closer to me) and shut it with such passion ……
    So if anyone who hate Jews is able now to avoid serving or denying any service to a jew with this so called excuse

  26. We are NOT guests in the USA. We are equal partners here, just like everyone else, and it is wrong to behave as if we were not. We are here by right; we helped create this country, and the premise on which it was created was that we would be equal partners, not merely tolerated but here by right.

    The fact that Eretz Yisroel is our only home, and that we are required by halacha to have a plan to return there one day, doesn’t change the fact that this is our property too. A person can have property outside his home.

    Chelev is correct; wearing a mask is a chilul haShem, and a violation of the pasuk “Ve’omru kol hagoyim, rak am chochom venovon hagoy hagodol hazeh”. Every time a Jew acts like an idiot he violates this pasuk. Wearing a mask is stupid, and thus a chilul haShem.

  27. @Chaylev Halyah
    Your post is just unbelievable. Yes I agree 100% that mandating mask-wearing is idiotic and that wearing masks is stupid. But I also know that
    a. as other posters have mentioned, I am a guest in this country, so it’s not up to me to start moving and shaking politics by not wearing a mask when required.
    b. it’s the law. plain and simple. Just like anything else, even if you think its a dumb law, it’s still the law.
    c. people (where I live) get very personally offended when your mask is not on 100% correctly (to your eyes). Wearing a mask may be uncomfortable, but nobody ever DIED from wearing one! I wear a mask not to block COVID germs, but to block other people’s nivul peh when they see me not wearing one. (Put the ******* mask on!)

    Bottom line, a sign saying “Masks required to enter” is the same as a sign that says “Shirts and shoes required to enter.” You might think its stupid, it might be annoying, but either comply or don’t enter.
    Not complying is the chillul Hashem.

  28. @Politically incorrect
    You say:
    Bottom line, a sign saying “Masks required to enter” is the same as a sign that says “Shirts and shoes required to enter.” You might think its stupid, it might be annoying, but either comply or don’t enter.
    Not complying is the chillul Hashem.

    No, that is incorrect. In Williamsburg a few years ago, PRIVATE stores that had signs “requesting” their patrons to dress modestly before entering, were fined!!! So what’s legal and what’s not legal? Who gets to decide what sign one is allowed to hang up and what sign not? Can the State/City pick and choose which sign fits their personal biased agenda?