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Massive ATM Scam Strikes Citibank

citibank.jpgPolice have uncovered a massive identity theft in New York City, CBS2 HD is reporting. Apparently, thieves have been stealing pin numbers and have gotten away with millions of dollars in cash. The theft came from a very convenient place – a popular convenient store.

They’re cash machines of convenience – Citibank ATM’s located inside 7-Eleven convenience stores.

The CBS2 report states that federal investigators say from October 2007 to March of this year three identity thieves were able to get cash from those ATMs conveniently without even touching the machines.

The report quotes sources which say that the hackers accessed bank pin numbers and $2 million through the Internet.

There are 5,700 Citibank-branded ATMs inside 7-Eleven Inc., across the United States. But the bank doesn’t run or operate any of them.

Citibank says its main system wasn’t compromised but: “We did not hold any customers impacted by this situation responsible for fraudulent activity in their accounts. By March we had notified and reissued cards to all customers whom we believed may have been exposed to increased risk.”

(Source: WCBSTV / YWN Desk)

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