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FRIGHTENING: COVID-19 Increases Risk of Serious Heart Ailments One Year After Recovery

Any Covid-19 infection, regardless of severity, appears to increase the risk of serious heart problems in survivors, according to new research.

Science Magazine reported that researchers had found an increased risk of 20 different heart and vessel issues for those who had the virus a year before, raising concerns about an avalanche of nationwide heart issues in the coming years.

“Governments and health systems around the world should be prepared to deal with the likely significant contribution of the COVID-19 pandemic to a rise in the burden of cardiovascular diseases,” the study’s authors wrote.

“If anybody ever though that COVID was like the flu this should be one of the most powerful data sets to point out that it’s not,” Dr. Eric Topol, a cardiologist at Scripps Research, told Science Mag.

The study found that those who recovered from the virus had about a 63% higher risk of having a heart attack and 52% higher risk of stroke one year later. The elevated risks appear to impact everyone regardless of gender, age, or the presence of preexisting conditions.

The magazine said the analysis was based on data from the US Department of Veterans Affairs and included health information from 154,000 people who had been infected with Covid-19.

“What we’re seeing isn’t good,” one of the study’s authors wrote. “COVID-19 can lead to serious cardiovascular complications and death. The heart does not regenerate or easily mend after heart damage. These are diseases that will affect people for a lifetime.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Is this data preliminary? One question on this would be whether type A personalities, who are likelier to suffer heart issues, are also more likely to get infected with Covid-19. Bottom line no one needs to panic.

  2. More manipulative spin from the unrepentant allopathic medical community – in most other news channels, it is already being responsibly reported of how these heart ailments are being caused by the c19 injections.

    Of course, documenting those who either just recently took this shot or booster, or who took it long ago enough for it to no longer be deemed effective (where a booster is now recommended), leaves these people as officially unvaxxed, and as appearing that heart ailments are emerging from the c19 illness itself (whatever that is, as the virus has never been properly isolated — essentially it is considered to be blood poisoning from the now exponentially increased wireless radiation exposure).

  3. Um, ok, correlation ain’t causation. The more I think about it, really and truly, I think I’m supposed to keep my ideas to myself, so this ought to be the last post of Schmendy. It’s been real, you guys. Actually, the truth is I regret posting all comments I have posted here. I believe the world would be a better place without this kind of Internet and form of society. Like, if someone lived on a homestead self-sufficiently without any connection to the outside world or whatever propaganda narratives were in circulation there, having done so for the past few years, he’d be better off for it. The flu would not even had registered to you as news. That’s an ideal worth pursuing. But, if the meat you eat comes from animals castrated by goyim even tho that was clearly a breach of a Noahide law and a capital offense so to speak for the offender but you came up with a fancy way to launder any personal liability for it, shkoyach, I mean nebuch. If the genetics therapy you received comes from corpses of fetuses conceived after fornication and then aborted even tho that was clearly a breach of a Noahide law and a capital offense so to speak for the offender but you came up with a fancy way to launder any personal liability for it, shkoyach, I mean nebuch. If you waved a Chinese polyester flag with a Magen David on it thinking that wasn’t a form of foreign service even tho it manifests allegiance and service of a foreign-controlled puppet regime that denies the historic title Yisroel possesses to the territory of Yisroel and that denies Torah as law of the land and that actively endeavors to uproot adherence to Torah in Yisroel and that parades in celebration of abominations in the streets of Yerushalaim and that literally tortures zealous Yiddin in a hush-hush sort of way that you’ll be stigmatized for pointing out, then sorry. If you make brachos on processed food that contains glyphosates or plastics and don’t think there’s any contradiction in blessing the poison you eat, well then, sorry. If you never completed your study of all words of chazal because you needed to keep up on some news about some papers supposedly in a toilet of the White House, then sorry. If you could have afforded to get out of the city to enjoy the produce of the land (any land that you could afford to own) in as best a way you could have approached the ideal described in the second paragraph of the Shma but you didn’t, well then, sorry. I just can’t even keep up with the non-sense, and quite frankly, even if I pointed out everything that seems disingenuous or dangerous to me, who have I helped? Who merited my help? I probably would have just helped to perpetuate the whole system, to draw it out even longer. That’s not my intention and never was. Shmendy signing out…

  4. Such BS reach the study, it’s designed and published to mask the HUGE jump in heart issues from the vax.
    Wow. YWN should learn how to critically think before trying to scare people.
    Oh, wait… I forgot the article is online with your Vax pushing agenda….

  5. WOW!! 12 Comments already and all denying a legit science study even Fox News reported on? Haven’t we learned already our lesson? COVID KILLS. COVID DAMAGES HEALTH. Wake up and face the facts. People are known to alter the truth they can’t face, but we’re supposed to be smarter than that.
    I was just at the Mayo Clinic. All the Frum people I met there had Covid complications. Stop denigrating science like fools and start being responsible with what you think, say and write.
    I myself got a smartwatch post Covid to check for signs of Afib from time to time. Why be the next victim just to assert my ego?

  6. Posting long rambling nonsense does not make anything you post true, or believable.

    I actually think it’s the polio vaccine that is the cause of most heart issues and Type II diabetes since almost all sufferers of these two diseases have been vaccinated for polio.

  7. Since the vaccine isn’t preventing COVID anyways -just easing it a little bit- can we assume that it doesn’t matter if you got vaccinated or not?

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