Russia Summons Israeli Ambassador: “Why Are You Supporting Nazis?”

A demonstrator holds a poster show Russian President Vladimir Putin during a rally in protest against Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022 in Paris. From Tokyo to London to Taipei, Ukrainians living abroad and hundreds of protesters have turned out on the streets to join anti-war rallies spreading around the world as Russia's troops pressed toward Ukraine's capital. (AP Photo/Adrienne Surprenant)

Russia summoned Israel’s Ambassador to Moscow Alexander Ben Zvi on Friday to clarify Israel’s statements in support of Ukraine.

During the meeting, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov demanded that Ben Tzvi explain why Israel was expressing support for the “Nazis” in Ukraine,” Channel 12 News reported.

Prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Putin announced that he was on a mission to “denazify” Ukraine, a puzzling statement considering that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is Jewish and three of his grandfather’s brothers were killed by Nazis during the Holocaust.

Following the meeting between Bogdanov and Ben Tzvi, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that the two diplomats had discussed bilateral ties and that Moscow “hoped” that Israel would understand Russia’s reasons for the invasion, saying that the operation was necessary to “demilitarize” Ukraine and defend separatists in eastern Ukraine.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Jewish President only recently, does that erase all of Ukraine’s history of supporting Nazism and murdering thousands and thousands of Jews?

  2. Of course the Ukrainians of yesteryear were butchers. But that’s not the reality right now. In fact the Jews who live in Ukraine have a pretty tranquil life. Todays butchers are the Russians.
    All we really do know is that there are nearly 200,000 Jews in the Ukraine who are in trouble. They deserve our sympathy, money and teffilos.

  3. He’s right. The Ukrainians were worse than the Germans, and they would happily do the same right now if they opened hunting season on Jews. Sure, they have a Jewish PM and President, but they would kill him in a second if they could. But we support the underdog without any seichel, like many Jews supported the ‘poor’ Croatians against the Serbs, when the Croatians were gleeful and wholesale murderers of Jews during WWII, especially the infamous Ustase fascists. Feh.

  4. Ukraine does indeed have a horrible anti-Semitic past, probably the worst in the world. But Russia is probably second worst. And it didn’t have a chance to put its anti-Semitism into practice until 1772 because until then, Jews were banned from living in Russia!

    Nevertheless we have to accept that Ukraine today is not what it used to be. No anti-Semitic country would elect a Jew as President with 73% of the vote.

    And we have to stop pretending that Putin loves Jews.

  5. EY is in a no-win situation. B’Yh, they will be able to thread the needle and navigate their way through this crisis w/o incurring Putin’s wrath but at the same time, being very clear and unambiguous as to existential threats imposed by Russia’s threat to all of Europe and global order.

  6. Are you all guys Soviet emigrants who pine for the USSR or you are poshute boro parkers secretly watching RT in the bathroom?!

    For Israel, this is a “real politik” replay of the 60s – R Soloveichik was reportedly told by the Israeli government that it is better for Soviet Jews not to be advocated for publicly. Based on that, he advised (not ruled) college students not to organize demonstrations. He later realized and admitted to one of those students that he was lied to – Israelis were hoping that USSR will become friendlier towards them and did not want to poke the bear.

    Another history lesson – between the WWs, League of Nations was protecting minorities in all East-European countries, and Jews were complaining there against Poland, Czechoslovakia, Lita, Latvia, with German and Soviet encouragement. Of course, the League would not later protect German Jews when later asked (and none of these socialists even asked about Soviet Jews to begin with).

  7. He is right? Are you kidding? He is killing indiscriminately and arresting any of his own people who are protesting so let’s not pretend that he is a good person He will burn line the rest

  8. To Yaapchik and charliehall: Putin seems to be a philosemite too. There seems to be more to this war than we’re understanding in the west. It has to do with Traditionalism, Globalism, EU dominance and the Great Reset. Ukraine is full of corruption (Bidens, Clintons, and so on) and so is Russia, albeit probably in a different way. I’m not excusing anyone’s behavior nor wanting war, but don’t be duped into thinking that it’s just that Putin is a killer (he is) and megalomaniac (probably that too)

  9. Gadolhadorah:
    EY is doing just fine, other than the terrible desecration wrought against the portions of EY controlled by the Zionists.

    The State of Israel, on the other hand, is the entity to which you were referring. The Zionists said some pretty stupid things, which prompted to Putin to call out the Zionists on their controlling the Golan Heights. But it’s not likely that he will overthrow the Zionist regime as a result.

  10. Russia is right. Ukraine made Bandera, a famed Nazi collaborator, into their national hero, and even name streets after him. Ukraine is where the worst pogroms and killings of Yidden of took place, does no one remember Babi Yar?

  11. Israel (and Jews who are not residing in either country) should not take sides between Vladimir & Volodmir. We can and should offer humanitarian assistance (using the many chessed campaigns) and prayers. Period. Israel can also offer to mediate for peace as they already have.

    Although plain as day who is the victim and who is the invading victimizer, Israel cannot afford to burn down the bridges with Putin – especially with a senile US administration. He’s their only connection channel with neighbouring Syria if ever needed.

  12. As far as Ukraine’s notorious anti-semitic past (and it’s probably from the worst ever including Chmelnitzky ym”sh, Cossacks, Pogroms, Babi Yar & Shoa, etc.), if you opted to live there, it’s “Baasher-Hu-Shom” – based on the current status quo. Those there until now, obviously found it livable or they would have long moved.
    That’s precisely the problem with KGB minded Putin. He lives & justifies all based on past history versus the present.