MAGA 2.0? More Americans Want Trump to Run Than Biden in 2024, Poll Shows


A poll from I&I/TIPP finds that there are more Americans who support a run for the White House by Donald Trump in 2024 than those who support a Biden reelection campaign.

The survey found that 23% of registered voters want Trump at the top of the Republican ticket in the next presidential election cycle, while just 19% said they want Biden in the top spot of the Democratic ticket. Even amongst Democrats, just 29% want Biden to run for reelection.

“Clearly, Biden is in serious trouble within the Democratic Party, garnering just 29% support, a clear sign of the toll on his popularity taken by his struggling presidency,” TIPP Insights’ Terry Jones said.

“Trump, by comparison, gets 49% support from Republicans, making him a formidable political presence within his own party for the next two years at least.”

Every single age demographic surveyed by the poll had voters more strongly preferring a Trump run to a Biden run in 2024. Geographically, Biden leads Trump 25% to 19% among people in urban areas, but Trump leads the president 19% to 16% in the suburbs and 33% to 14% in rural areas.

Among possible other Republican 2024 candidates Trump was the clear choice for GOP voters, though others have some support, including Mike Pence (11%), Ron DeSantis (7%), and Nikki Haley (4%). Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio all got 2%. Nobody else was above 1% support in the poll.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Let me rephrase title of this article:- More Americans want 1.5% inflation than 9% inflation. Alternatively:- More Americans want zero tolerance for crime than rampant crime & immediate release of criminals.
    You President Donald Trump are assured of our vote and we simply cannot wait to inaugurate you as our 47th president come Noon 1/20/2025

  2. Those statistics suggest that most Americans want neither one of them. Being offered the choice of Biden or Trump, is to most Americans, like being offered the choice between “do you want Cancer or Heart Disease”.
    Note that in Ohio, a traditional bellweather state, Trump’s candidate “won” but with under a third of the Republican vote (2/3 voted against Trump’s candidate). This suggests a disorderly election, especially if foreign affairs becomes the major issue, since both parties are badly split between hawks (traditional Republicans and Democrats) and doves (“America First” MAGA supporters, and “Progressives, a.k.a. socialists”).