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Iran’s IRGC Will Remain On US Blacklist, Biden Told Bennett In April

President Joe Biden made a final decision to keep Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on the US terror list, Politico reported on Tuesday night, quoting a senior US official.

Another source said that Biden informed Prime Minister Naftali Bennett of his decision in a phone call on April 24.

Bennett confirmed the report, stating on Wednesday: “I commend the U.S. administration, led by my friend President Joe Biden, on the decision to keep the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in their rightful place — on the Foreign Terrorist Organizations list.”

“Over the past few months we made our stance clear — the IRGC is the world’s largest terror organization, involved in planning and carrying out deadly acts of terror and destabilizing the Middle East.”

“This is the right, moral and correct decision by President Biden, who updated me on this decision during our last conversation. For this I thank him.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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