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SHOCKING FOOTAGE: Robbers Dress as Frum Jews, Rob Home While Family is at Shul

A frum family from Miami, Florida, had their home robbed on Shabbos after thieves dressed like frum Jews broke into their home as they spent time in shul, Florida Scoop reported.

“I walked upstairs in my mom’s room, and it looked like a tornado hit it,” the family’s 12-year-old boy said. “Everything was taken out on the floor and in the bed.”

The robbers made off with roughly $300,000 worth of watches, jewelry, and handbags, loading them into the victims’ own suitcases before fleeing.

The burglars are still at large, with police requesting anyone with information that could lead to their apprehension to contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.



(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Oh, come on. “…Dress as frum Jews”??? Does anyone seriously think that a white shirt constitutes a “frum Jew costume”, and that three black guys wearing white shirts were masquerading as frum Jews?

  2. Did anybody consider that it may not be so smart to advertise to the world that it is not so crazy for unzerer to have $300k worth of stuff lying around a house?

  3. $300,000 in jewelery and watches? Wow. Everyone is blessed with different things in life. I’m thankful to pay yeshiva tuition and have a $30 watch, while many can’t even pay for that. Something to think about. BH no one was physically injured.

  4. Unless it’s a disposable phone – which it probably is not – then they can track the call made from that location on that day etc and find the guys. IY”H.

  5. I don’t think that they were masquerading as anything. More likely, they had all come from a job which requires this dress code (such as at a catering hall).

  6. A cleaning woman may have alerted the thieves to the potential take. Who else would know of the handbags and their value? Why would anyone spend so much on handbags?

  7. These thieves guys look like restaurant servers.
    What I don’t get this. why would anyone have 300,000$ worth of valuable watches and handbags laying around unless you are the stupidest person who needs to flung different watch and handbags on daily rotation.
    Definitely don’t wish the brake in on anyone. It feels so terrible and insecure. However the couple seems totally at peace with it and smiling as if nothing happened.

    Only a rich desensitized New Yorkers can go through something like this and smile.

  8. I initially thought they must’ve had a business and had watches and handbags stored at home. But the couple clearly says it was “their valuables”. And they don’t seem troubled one bit!

  9. I agree with several comments above. 300k in stuff? I pay tuition and mortgage (in that order).
    Not excusing ganeivim. They are terrible and should be caught.
    Quick note: This is 100% an inside job. Cleaning lady or landscapers or handyman knew they were loaded. All that cheap labor that frum Jews love comes back to bite them.
    How do I know? I am from this area/world and I speak Spanish. I have convos with the cheap help (I clean my own toilets and mow my own lawn). They know which houses have the big scores.
    Maybe you can get the kids to vacuum and do laundry instead of letting them play videogames all day. It would help on so many levels.

  10. One more thing: They do not look like frum Jews. They probably work at a restaurant and that is the uniform.

  11. For those wondering how someone has $300k of goods on their house –

    Suppose the homeowners have a business selling upscale handwatches and designer handbags? They wouldn’t need too many to reach $300k!

    Think of a sheitel macher with 40 or 50 high end sheitels in her house, easily worth over $300,000!

    A jeweler might normally bring home a couple of dozen pieces of jewelry- easily valued at $300k.

    Not everyone is in kollel or kli kodesh!

  12. Real stupid comments where people want to know why they had that many handbags watches that were valued at that amount of money who cares it’s their personal life.Talking about people Can’t pay tuition all of a sudden they’re responsible for every ones tuition live and let live.definitely sounds like an inside job someone knew what was going on

  13. Did they steal his very last white shirt??
    The croocks are certainly dressed up more mechubadik and yeshivish than the Baal habais 😉

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