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BORO PARK: Woman On Scooter Killed By Tractor Trailer On Fort Hamilton Parkway

A woman was tragically struck and killed by a tractor trailer in Boro park on Thursday.

Sources tell YWN that the woman was on a scooter, when the truck struck her on Fort Hamilton parkway and 59th Street. FDNY EMS were on the scene and were forced to pronounce the woman dead on the scene.

The identity of the victim has not been released, but sources tell YWN that she was of Asian descent, and lived in the local Asian community.

The NYPD Highway Patrol is on the scene conducting an investigation.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. if something is not done about these scooters and ebikes, there will be more tragedies, Hashem Yerachaim.
    These riders disregard all rules of the road. The other day I almost killed a bochur on a scooter. It was night, I had a green light, and this bochur just comes flying out of nowhere crossing against a red light in front me.
    I made a short stop and my heart was in my mouth from fright.

  2. Those electric scooters and E bikes are deadly. Motorcycles have loud mufflers for a reason, so that you hear them whereas those scooters and bikes are silent and the riders ignore all rules of the road. They don’t stand a chance if hit by a car or truck and should be banned in NYC to save lives.

  3. One of the things I despised Deblasio for was his vision zero policy. Vision zero was a great idea except that the focus was always on the “reckless” drivers and zero focus on pedestrians who play Russian Roulet with the cars. When he allowed motor bikes and scooters a few years ago he showed he couldn’t care less about vision zero, the pedestrians, or the drivers all he cared about was getting fines from drivers.

  4. To “ah Yid”

    Correct, DeBlasio is the worst, and his entire fake vision zero initiative was just to nickel & dime our community’s by giving fines & summons to everyone.

    He doesn’t actually care about street safety.

    On a different note about DeBlasio, he is trying to run for Congress to represent Boro Park with his radical views.

    He is running against a moderate common sense candidate, Brian Robinson, Look into Brian Robinson Congress.

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